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Les conducteurs avertis du bouton commun de la voiture qui peut entraîner une « pire consommation de carburant »’

MOTORISTS are being warned about making one common simple mistake when driving.

Fuel prices at UK forecourts have fallen to their lowest level since mid-May, but they’re still higher than usual.

Motorists using a common car feature could be making their vehicle more fuel inefficient

Motorists using a common car feature could be making their vehicle more fuel inefficientCrédit: Alamy

A falling pound, brought on by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget, has added £5 to the cost of petrol and diesel as well.

The Office of National Statistics has found 77% of Britons are worried about the rising cost of living, with fuel a particular concern for many.

So many have been trying to cut their costs using fuel-saving hacks such as cruise control, les Daily Express reports.

But while the feature can massively help boost the fuel efficiency of a car, motorists are being urged to only use it while driving on a constant, flat surface like a motorway.

That’s because one of the best ways to save fuel is by driving at a constant speed, with cruise control controls for you.

toutefois, drivers who use cruise control on non-flat roads when they could take over the controls may be making their vehicle less fuel-efficient as the feature is slower to react to going up or downhill.

The RAC said the technology will keep the power on for longer as it is unable to see the gradient change in front, which can lead toworse fuel consumption”.

What other ways can I cut my costs while driving?

Besides only using cruise control when absolutely necessary, there are other ways you can improve your car’s fuel efficiency and blow less en espèces.

You can also cut fuel costs by driving more efficiently. This can be achieved by:

  • Accelerating gradually without over-revving
  • Always driving on the highest possible gear
  • Allowing your car to slow down naturally as your brake

One social media influencer revealed how pumping your tyres up and decluttering your car can increase your vehiclesfuel-efficiency as well.

Where can I find the cheapest fuel prices?

Even though prices have dropped recently, it’s always worth seeing if you can get your fuel for cheaper.

There are websites where you can find out where the least expensive forecourts are near you.

Fleet News and Allstar let you check petrol price across the counties, so you can see how your region compares.

Le PetrolPrices app and website lets you check prices from more than 8,000 forecourts near you .

And comparison website Confused.com also has a petrol prices checker where registered users can find petrol prices within a five, 10 or 25mile radius.