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Katie Price breaks her silence after being warned she faces jail

KATIE Price has broken her silence after being told she could face jail as she shared an emotional post.

Earlier today the 43-year-old plead guilty to sending agutter s**gtext to her ex Kieran Hayler about his fiancee.

Katie Price appeared in court today

Katie Price appeared in court todayCrédito: Pensilvania
She urged her followers to vote for Harvey to win a NTA

She urged her followers to vote for Harvey to win a NTA

She later took to Instagram to gush over her oldest son Harvey, 19, being nominated for National Television Award for his part in documentary Katie Price: What Harvey Did Next.

Harvey was previously nominated for their first documentary, following his journey as he moved into residential care.

Proud Katie urged her followers to vote, telling them that Harvey “deserves it”.

Just hours before, Katie appeared in court because she breached a restraining order after sharing thevile and nastymessage aimed at Michelle Penticost.

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She today admitted the charge at Lewes Crown Court in a huge U-turn after previously denying it at magistrates court.

Katie elected for a crown court trial that would have meant a higher sentence and jury trial when she appeared at Crawley MagistratesCourt last month.

She faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail when she returns for sentencing on June 24.

Judge Stephen Mooney told Price: “Clearly you have accepted responsibility for an offence and pleaded guilty while you were on a suspended sentence which means you are at risk of going to prison.

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Katie Price warned she faces jail after sending 'gutter s**g' text to Kieran


Katie Price warned she faces jail after sending ‘gutter s**gtext to Kieran

“I will need to know the relevant parts of the background to consider what the appropriate sentence should be.

“Don’t be under any illusions, you run the risk of receiving an immediate custodial sentence.

The reality star spent 12 hours in police custody after being arrested at her mucky mansion en Enero.

The ex-glamour model messaged Kieran: “Tell your c****** w***e, piece of s**t, girlfriend not to start on me.

She has a restraining order so shouldn’t try to antagonise me as she is in breach and I’m sure she doesn’t want people knowing that she was having an affair with you behind my back. That gutter s**g.

Katie is already on a 16-week suspended sentence for drink driving after she flipped her BMW in a horror smash in September.

A person can be recalled to prison for the length of their suspended sentence if they were to breach the terms of their licence.

Usually a court will focus on the new crime that has been committed when sentencing and take the original term into consideration as an aggravating feature.

En este caso, Katie could be jailed for five years with the 16 weeks running concurrently or potentially on top of the main sentence.

Katie was slapped with the five-year order in 2019 after she called Michelle af***ing c***during a tirade at the school gates.

She was forbidden from contacting Michelledirectly or indirectly”.

Katie sent the text about Kieran's fiancee Michelle

Katie sent the text about Kieran’s fiancee Michelle
Katie was joined by fiance Carl Woods today

Katie was joined by fiance Carl Woods today

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