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Drivers warned over plans for cameras designed to combat littering at McDonald’s

DRIVERS have been warned over potential new cameras at McDonald’s that record number plates and dish out fines.

News of the cameras has angered McDonald’s fans with some saying they would not eat there again.

Cameras are being considered at Welsh McDonald's restaurants to combat littering

Cameras are being considered at Welsh McDonald’s restaurants to combat litteringCrédito: Getty Images

The trial is being considered in Wales and would ensure car number plates are printed on McDonald’s packing at drive-through restaurants.

This would help identify people littering rather than using bins.

In a climate change corporate delivery committee meeting, Chris Howell from Swansea council said: “The Welsh Government has explored with McDonald’s, or their franchises, whether or not they could print number plates of cars collecting takeaways.

This would discourage people from discarding their materials (litter).

I think it’s a really good idea but at the minute it’s fraught with some difficulties.

Mr Howell says there are issues concerning which fast-food company would take up the initiative first.

If McDonald’s does it, then people will go to Burger King instead because nobody wants to have their private details printed on that packaging.

The petition was launched two years ago in Wales by the political party Plaid Cymru as litter increased in parks during the first lockdown.

The Welsh Government claimed littering was unacceptable and worked on a prevention plan with businesses and councils.

Facebook users are dividedsome of them think that their privacy is not being respected, while others believe it is a fantastic idea.

Uma mulher disse: “That’s awesome news. Bem feito, McDonald’s. I hope other companies follow their example.

Outro disse: “I’d never buy Mcdonald’s again. I never throw litter around. It’s just another money-making machine.

“Mais, they don’t empty their bins when full, it’s their responsibility. They should be fined for their bins being full.

The cameras would take car reg plates, which would then be printed on packaging

The cameras would take car reg plates, which would then be printed on packagingCrédito: Simon Jones – O sol