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Avviso per milioni di utenti Android: durata della batteria rovinata da un semplice errore

A SIMPLE bug could be causing battery life chaos for Android phone owners.

If you’ve noticed your Android is running out of juice faster than ever, check your settings now.

Android users are complaining about a strange pop-up that appears to be draining their phone batteries

Android users are complaining about a strange pop-up that appears to be draining their phone batteriesCredito: Google

It’s possible that a quirk of Android Auto might be draining your battery life.

Android users have flocked to the Google forums to report the issue, as spotted by Auto Evolution.

Users are saying a message is appearing that readsLooking for Android Auto”.

One Google forum inviare begins: “Since my Pixel 6 Pro got Android 13 two days ago, I am getting a frequent notification ‘Looking for Android Autowhen I am not in my car.

Turning off Bluetooth stops it. But it comes back when Bluetooth is enabled.

Android Auto works when in the car wirelessly and wired. It should not be constantly trying to connect when I am not in the car.

Several users have since replied to the thread saying that they’re experiencing the same issue.

It’s possible that this issue is linked to the new Android 13 aggiornare.

Another poster wrote: “Yep – same for me – Pixel 6 Pro – do use Android Auto in my car, ma Telefono constantly searches for it.

One day had circa 1,500 ‘Connection Statusnotifications in a few hours. Crazy.

And one added: “My pixel 4a is doing the same. Thinks my galaxy smartwatch 4 is a car.

Drains battery on my watch & Telefono. I tried turning wireless off on Android auto but that’s not working anymore. Grrrr!”

Google nightmare

A Google Community Specialist from the Android Auto team replied to the thread: “We forwarded this issue to the rest of the team.

We’ll update with more information when it’s available.

Users say the constant notifications are causing big battery life drains.

It’s possible that turning off Bluetooth completely could temporarily fix the issue.

But it’s not an ideal solution, and may require a software update fix from Google.

We’ve asked Google for an update and will add any response to this story.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an app system designed for phone owners who also drive.

It lets you mirror your Android phone’s features on a car infotainment system.

There’s a similar system for i phone owners called Apple CarPlay.

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Android Auto lets you use GPS mapping, make phone calls, send texts and play music from your phone.

And it temporarily replaces most of the usual infotainment software designed by the carmaker.

Dozens of carmakers support Android Auto in their vehicles.

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