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Major warning for prepayment meter customers missing out on energy bill support

THOUSANDS of prepayment meter customers could be missing out on £400 in energy bill support this winter.

Some prepayment meter customers should have received a voucher to apply the discount to their meter but many haven’t redeemed them, selon le BBC.

The £400 discount is paid in six instalments between October and March

The £400 discount is paid in six instalments between October and MarchCrédit: Alamy

Millions of households started to benefit from a £400 energy bill discount in October.

But the way in which the remise is paid will depend on the type of prepayment meter you are on.

Those on older, traditional prepayment meters are not able to receive the discount directly and will instead receive vouchers to redeem at their local top-up point.

Meter top-up processor PayPoint told the BBC that it expected to process 800,000 vouchers in October, worth a total of £52.8million.

toutefois, £25.8million of these vouchers have yet to be redeemed.

Traditional prepayment meter customers must redeem their discount vouchers at their local top-up point to take advantage of the £400 energy discount.

Customers have three months to redeem the value of these vouchers before they expire.

The news comes after The Sun exclusively revealed that prepayment meter customers will now benefit from new top-up limits.

Gas card and electricity key top-up limits have been raised from £49 to £99 to ensure that that the discount vouchers could be applied in a single transaction.

Those on new smart prepayment meters have the discount applied automatically to their meter.

Le remise is made up of six instalments, starting from October.

Customers should get a discount worth £66 in October and November.

A £67 discount will then be provided every month between December and March 2023.

Those on credit or smart prepayment meters will not need to do anything to receive the discount.

How will my traditional prepayment meter be credited?

If you’re on a traditional prepayment meter, you’ll be given a redeemable energy bill discount voucher or special action message (SAMs) in the first week of each month, issued via SMS text, email or post.

Customers will then need to redeem these at their usual top-up point.

Customers of Bulb, E.ON and E.ON Next, EDF, Octopus, Ovo (and SSE), Scottish Power, Shell Energy, Utilita and Utility Warehouse can choose for their voucher to be redeemed on either their gas or electricity meter.

toutefois, British Gas customers will only be able to redeem their vouchers on their electricity meters.

What if I have separate gas and electricity suppliers?

If you have a gas prepayment meter and a standard credit electricity meter or vice versa, only one of your energy suppliers will provide the £400 energy bills discount.

Your electricity supplier will be the one to pay you the discount and if you are on a standard electricity meter and pay by direct debit, on a listed how you’ll receive the £400.

What other energy bill help is coming?

UNE £300 one-offPensioner Cost of Living Paymentwill be paid out to eight million households this month.

It will be given to those who already get the winter fuel paymentwhich is worth between £100 and £300 for those over the state pension âge.

Millions of households are in line to get the £150 Warm Home Discount between December and March 2023.