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Avvertimento poiché migliaia di persone hanno ricevuto la vaccinazione antinfluenzale sbagliata – Sei uno di loro?

THOUSANDS of Brits have been given the wrong flu jab which leaves them exposed to the deadly virus this coming winter.

Many people aged 65 years and over could have been given a influenza jab which is ineffective for the age group.

Many 65 year olds could be called back to receive an effective flu jab

Many 65 year olds could be called back to receive an effective flu jabCredito: PAPÀ

Experts have called on healthcare professionals to revaccinate all those who received the wrong vaccines with an effective jab so they are protected against this virus this winter

In a letter, sent to NHS staff, Tim Davies, NHS lead for screening and immunisation, detto questo “a significant number” of over 65s had been given the wrong vaccinenationally.

The jab, known as QIVe, does not create a strong enough immune response in those 65 and older to keep them protected from flu.

The vaccine is only meant be given to people between 18–64 years who have underlying health issues such as chronic cardiopatia o diabete.

An NHS spokesperson said: “A small number of people over 65 have been recorded as receiving the QIVe flu vaccine instead of the recommended vaccine type for this age group.

There is no clinical risk for those affected,” hanno spiegato.

“Local NHS teams regularly check in with providers to ensure the recommended vaccines have been administered correctly and on the small number of occasions where this isn’t the case, to see if it is appropriate to invite the patient back,” hanno aggiunto.

What are the main symptoms of flu?

The symptoms of flu are very similar to those of a very bad cold.

Il NHS says this includes a suffer high temperature of 38C or more.

A high temperature had previously been a symptom of Covid, but the experts said that this is less likely with the Omicron strain.

You will also experience body aches and a dry cough.

You may also have difficulty dormendo, loss of appetite and feeling or being sick.

This comes as the UK prepares for atwindemicof both flu and Covid.

Health chiefs are worried both bugs will bounce back with a vengeance as the weather turns colder.

Ho conosciuto Jennifer e Dolores tramite Teresa e siamo molto legati: “It will be three years since the majority of people have had flu and we know Covid immunity wanes, pure.

“It’s the first winter with Covid but with no restrictions.”

A sharp flu outbreak in Australia, whose winter happens during our summer, has raised fears the same will happen in the UK.

Il 6 groups eligible for free flu jabs

Under plans announced last momth, di 33 million people in England will be eligible for a free flu vaccine this year.

This will include all primary-age and some secondary-age children, who will be offered the nasal spray.

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Those eligible for the flu jab are:

  1. People aged 50 e oltre
  2. Those aged six months to 49 with a specified health condition
  3. Secondary school-aged children focusing on Years 7, 8 e 9 with any remaining vaccine offered to Years 10 e 11
  4. Primary school-aged children
  5. Pregnant women; those in care homes, frontline health and social care staff
  6. Carers and the household contacts of people with weakened immune systems