EE は、国際的な詐欺師からの 1 日に最大 100 万件の詐欺電話を​​ブロックすると警告しています

UP to a million scam calls a day from foreign fraudsters are being blocked by mobile network EE.

Brits have been warned to be extra vigilant as dodgy calls and texts continue to be a massive problem.

UK has seen a surge in scams since Covid began

UK has seen a surge in scams since Covid beganクレジット: ゲッティ

ザ・ BT-owned provider says that most bogus contact comes from international locations posing to be from UK-based numbers for legitimacy.

They are often run by massive international scam networks, trying to trick innocent victims into giving out personal information, access to devices and even バンク 詳細.

Since launching upgraded detection tech in July, 11million scam calls have been blocked from reaching EE, BT and Plusnet 顧客.

is used to review calls coming into the UK from other countries and blocks those pretending to be based on British shores.

This stops the call from getting through to people at all.

EE has also blocked 200million scam texts since launching an anti-spam filter last year.

We are investing in the latest technology to ensure as many scam calls as possible are blocked before they reach our customers,” said Chris Howe, EE’s Customer Care Change Director.

Everyone should feel confident answering their phone or reading a text message without the fear of potentially getting scammed.

How to avoid falling for a scam

Fraudsters are constantly looking for new ways to get around defences, so such technology can’t prevent every single scam call or text.

To keep yourself safe, there are a few tips worth remembering.

Always take a moment to stop and think when someone contacts youand ultimately trust your instincts.

If it sounds too good to be true or is suspicious, something’s probably not right.

Don’t stay on the phone unless you’re 100 percent sure the caller is genuine.

Don’t give away any of your personal details or give anyone access to your computer.

If you think you might have provided your bank account details, contact your bank immediately.

Should you receive a suspicious call, you can report it by texting the phone number to 7726 無料 – investigators can then look into blocking the number permanently.

You should then block the number manually on your own phone.

And make others aware of these types of calls and the numbers they are coming from, so they are also in the know.

EE has blocked 200million scam texts since launching an anti-spam filter last year

EE has blocked 200million scam texts since launching an anti-spam filter last yearクレジット: ゲッティ – 寄稿者


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