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Horror moment remains of shark slaughtered by ‘serial’ killer whales washes up

THIS is the horrifying moment the remains of a great white shark that was savaged to death washed up on a South African beach.

The body of the shark that was slaughtered by a pair of “tueur en série” whales was discovered at Hartenbos Beach, in Mossel Bay.

The remains of the shark were found at Hartenbos Beach in Mossel Bay

The remains of the shark were found at Hartenbos Beach in Mossel BayCrédit: Craig Viljoen
The great white shark was savaged by two killer orcas

The great white shark was savaged by two killer orcasCrédit: Craig Viljoen

Shocking photos show the body of the beast with a massive hole across its chest.

South Africa-based marine biologist Alison Towner shared the grim photos on her Instagram account yesterday sayingit never gets easier seeing this”.

She explained the remains belong to a sub-adult female that washed up ashore before washing back out to sea.

Towner told 9news.com.au that this is the first time a great white killed by the orcas has been found in the area.

Elle a dit: “The orcas seem to be focusing more on this site now.

These are identical injuries to other sharks killed.

It is very precise. The orcas work together to tear open the sharks.

The finding comes months after Towner’s paper, published in the African Journal of Marine Science concluded that the same killer orcas are responsible for the death of eight great white sharks since 2017.

The white shark biologist at Rhodes University in Makhanda has explained that this happens as the whales have gradually changed their hunting habits.

Terrifying footage filmed last month showed the incredible moment a pack of orcas killed the nine-foot-long great white shark.

The great white was mauled by killer whales that are forcing the massive sharks out of their natural habitats, scientists said.

The shocking clip showed the orcas attacking the great white as a pool of blood can be seen turning the water red.

The video is part of Discovery Network’s 34th annual Semaine du requin.

While they were filming for Shark Week in South Africa, a drone camera captured the violent moment of the attack.

Towner told the Bête quotidienne “It’s probably one of the most beautiful pieces of natural history ever filmed.”

Elle a ajouté: “We’ve had all the evidence for killer whales being responsible for killing white sharks.

“But this is the world’s first drone footage of killer whales predating on a white shark. It’s the first time in South Africa it’s ever been documented as direct evidence.”

A drone captured the dramatic moment a blood-thirsty orca carried a tiger shark in its jaws.

The rare moment was captured in 2016 by Slater Moore, who was whale-watching in Monterey Bay, Californie.