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Everyday item worth 29 cents can stop your plants drying out as weather heats up

MAINTAINING your plants through the hot summer months takes extra care, but it doesn’t have to mean extra expenses.

A simple gardening hack using diapers can keep your soil moist and your plants healthy.

Plants need extra attention as the weather heats up

Plants need extra attention as the weather heats up

Disposable diapers have hydrogel in them to make sure they absorb and retain liquids.

This is the same stuff that’s sold in garden stores but usually advertised as water retention crystals, berigte Gardening Know How.

Pick up the cheapest box of diapers you can find at your local big-box store.

Tear open the diaper and pour the contents into a mixing bowl. Don’t pick out the little pieces of cotton, as they also help absorb water.

Add water to the mixture until you have a gel consistency, then add equal parts of potting soil.

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Ek is 'n tuinmaakprof - how to get a super green lawn using a cheap kitchen item


Ek is 'n tuinmaakprof – how to get a super green lawn using a cheap kitchen item

You can now use this mixture in pots for your new plants.

If you’d rather not get your hands dirty, you can just peel away the part of the diaper that goes against the baby’s bottom and place it in the bottom of the pot.

If it’s a bigger planter, you may need more than one diaper, but make sure to cut holes in the bottom so the soil can drain and not drown the roots.

Uiteraard, this isn’t a natural substance. It should be used sparingly, and definitely not in any pots you’re using to plant fruits, herbs, or vegetables.

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More bugs come out in the warmer months as well. Your garden may be under attack from pests chewing through roots and leaves.

A simple DIY pesticide is inexpensive to make and will protect any plants from unwanted invaders.

Gardening experts at Bonvilla suggest the use of insecticidal soap as a “non-toxic solution” for spraying plants that are being bothered by bugs.

They advise to mix 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 tablespoon of pure liquid soap, like castile soap, per 1 quart of water, and to put it in a spray bottle.

Egter, avoid using dishwashing liquid, as the additives can harm plants, and be ineffective on insects.

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