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So streamen Sie den neuen Song Poison von Aaliyah und The Weeknd

THE Weeknd and Aaliyah’s song, Poison, dropped on Spotify today, 20 years after her death.

Aaliyah passed away from a plane crash Im August 25, 2001 while on her way back from filming a music video in the Bahamas.

The Weeknd released a new song with R&B singer Aaliyah

The Weeknd released a new song with R&B singer AaliyahAnerkennung: Getty Images

When was Aaliyah and The Weeknd’s song released?

Since Aaliyah’s death in 2001, fans of the R&B singer have been waiting for her music to be released on music streaming platforms.

Im August, Aaliyah’s uncle and Blackground 2.0 founder, Barry Hankerson released her album, One in a Million, surrounding the anniversary of her passing.

The Weeknd released Poison ahead of Aaliyah’s posthumous album release of Unstoppable, set to stream on Spotify in 2022.

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“I’m so excited to share this new song by Aaliyah and the very talented the Weeknd,” Hankerson said in a press release.

“I wanted her adoring fans to get a special gift before the holidays and felt it was the perfect time to release a never-before-heard offering.”

The album will feature other musical artists including The Weeknd, Erpel, and Future.

How did The Weeknd collab with Aaliyah?

Hankerson said The Weeknd reached out to him about three years ago to discuss a collaboration on one of Aaliyah’s songs.

Although it didn’t come to fruition at the time, Hankerson said now wasthe perfect time to release a never-before-heard offering.

The song’s release comes just in time for the Christmas holiday, and Hankerson said her posthumous album, Unstoppable, will bring joy to the fans who loved her.

“Aaliyah would love hearing herself with the current stars of the industry that she cared so much about," er sagte.

“And that’s all I wanted to do.”

Aaliyah passed away from a plane crash in 2001

Aaliyah passed away from a plane crash in 2001Anerkennung: Getty

Was Aaliyah’s music well-received on Spotify?

The release of Aliyah’s One in a Million album skyrocketed to the number three spot in the world.

Hankerson thanked Aaliyah’s fans and the musical artists who contributed to the production and music in Unstoppable on Instagram, saying Aaliyah’ssignature soundwill continue to bring fans joy for years to come.

While many people said they were thrilled to have access to Aaliyah’s music, many people took to Twitter on Friday to criticize The Weeknd and Hankerson, claiming they were profiting off Aaliyah’s music.

Heard the New Weeknd and Aaliyah record and …….we need to let our Babygirl rest,” one person posted.

Ein anderer sagte, “Really disappointed and upset and what they did with this Aaliyah track. pls don’t release anymore anything is this is the kind of “care” they’re gonna take with her music.

Hankerson apologized in August for the delay in releasing Aaliyah’s music and said, “I’m sorry it took so long, aber when you lose a family member so unexpectedly, it takes time to deal with that type of grief.

I decided to release Aaliyah’s music in order to keep her legacy alive.

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