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Nueva lista de parlamentarios de plagas sexuales para mantenerse alejados está circulando en Westminster

A NEW list of sex pest MPs to stay away from is circulating Westminster, insiders have warned.

It comes after The Sun revealed a senior Tory MP and ex minister have been reported to cops over allegations of sexual assaults.

Insiders warned younger, female staffers are particularly at risk, adding that 'some suffer horrendous abuse'

Insiders warned younger, female staffers are particularly at risk, adding that ‘some suffer horrendous abuseCrédito: Alamy

The revelations sparked fresh concerns about sexual misconduct and sleaze in Westminster.

One Tory MP told The Sun on Sunday: “Apparently there is a new sex pest list of people to stay away fromacross all the political parties.

“It is very grim.”

They warned that younger, female staffers are particularly at risk.

The MP said: “Some of the women here suffer really horrendous abuse. There are some staff here who will have a drink and chase these girls.

“While 90 per cent of the people here are well behaved, existen 10 per cent or so who are not.”

A principios de este mes, Mano de obra parlamentario Charlotte Nichols said there was a “whisper network” of dangerous MPs to stay away from.

ella le dijo a la BBC: “Everyone has a kind of whisper network list of the people to avoid, but the problem is that some of the most dangerous people are people who would be the people you least suspect.

“When I first came into parliament, there was a group of people that I knew who kind of sat me down and gave me a list of MPs who I should never accept a drink from, who I should never be alone with, who I should never get in a lift with, and who I should try to avoid as far as possible to keep myself safe.”

Westminster has been rocked by a string of ‘sexminster’ scandals over the past five years.

Parliament considering bringing in new rules to ban MPs who are charged with violent or sexual crimes from the building.

But many MPs think this will not do very much to change the “toxic” culture of Westminster as most of those accused of predatory behaviour have not been charged by policía.