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Cibler & Walmart’s discontinued products are still availablewhere to look

FINDING those discontinued products on clearance at Target or Walmart can often be a hassle for patrons, but that’s because you may be looking in the wrong places.

When it comes to shopping at Target or Walmart, shoppers can often find bargain deals on various items or merch throughout the stores.

The US Sun shows readers how they can find discontinued products at Target and Walmart

The US Sun shows readers how they can find discontinued products at Target and WalmartCrédit: Reuters
Shoppers can find marked-down discounted items by looking for endcap displays

Shoppers can find marked-down discounted items by looking for endcap displaysCrédit: Getty

Cibler offers customers a dollar section where they can find dozens of items priced as low as $1.

entre-temps, at Walmart, patrons can often find items and food products priced well below compared to their local supermarkets.

toutefois, those patrons looking to strike a deal on discounted items may not know that Walmart and Target keep those items camouflaged within their halls.

To find marked-down discounted items, customers should look for endcap displays, which are often located at the end of each aisle.

The endcap displays are often colored orange or red with clearance sticker prices and advertisements that, at certain times, are discontinued.


Une TIC Tac user and Target shopper posted a vidéo sharing how he took advantage of deals to get five items without spending a dime.

Dans le clip, TikToker user Savingsbydan ran up a tab of $20.58, but he saved $20.50 from coupons and cashback.

Dan used one Target store coupon and earned most of his savings through Shopkick, a shopping rewards app.

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His first purchase was a $3.99 bottle of 9 Elements dish soap.

He clipped a digital coupon in the Target app for $2 off the product, so he slashed its price in half.

Suivant, he found items from Mr. Clean and Fabreeze that sold for $2.99 each and tossed them in his cart.

Since the Shopkick rewards Dan was cashing in on were only related to the brands, it didn’t matter what specific product he bought as long as it was $2.99.

Pour terminer, Dan capitalized on a clearance deal.

He bought two Grove Co. cleaning products, marked down from $11.98 à $9.13 for the pair.

Dan’s subtotal came out to $18.58 après le $2 dish soap coupon was applied.

After paying and getting his receipt, Dan uploaded a picture of it to Shopkick.

Shopkick gives consumers “coups de pied” as rewards for buying certain products, and in most cases, you can exchange 250 kicks for $1.

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Dan racked up 4,625 kicks on his Target run, which he could redeem for $18.50 in gift cards.

Et avec cela, the real price he paid for five items was eight cents.

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