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Take Off di Holly Willoughby e Bradley Walsh è stato definito il "peggior game show di sempre"’

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh’s Take Off has been branded the ‘worst game show everby unhappy viewers.

The popular presenters have teamed up for the new BBC game show, which sees members of the public competing to win dream holidays around the world.

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh's Take Off hasn't gone down too well with some viewers

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh’s Take Off hasn’t gone down too well with some viewersCredito: BBC
The game show sees members of the public win dream holidays

The game show sees members of the public win dream holidaysCredito: BBC

But despite Bradley e Holly’s combined star power, it’s failed to win over many viewers after two shows.

Taking to Twitter after tonight’s offering, one disgruntled viewer wrote: “Seen 5 minutes of this and that’s enough. This has to be the worst game show ever. #takeoff I’d rather watch Eldorado.

Un altro d'accordo, scrivere: “This is the worst thing to have ever been on tv.

Un terzo aggiunto: “I love myself too much to watch this s***e again #takeoff.

Meanwhile another tweeted: “I thought #rollinginit was a Saturday TV low, til I saw this crap #takeoff.

tuttavia, not everyone was against the show, with many loving Holly and Bradley teaming up.

Un fan ha scritto: “This is the campest, tackiest game show ever and I love it #TakeOff.”

Un altro ha aggiunto: “Omg loved @hollywills and @BradleyWalsh on #takeoff Exactly what Saturday night is all about!

Loved guessing the islands on the baggage belt! Might be because I got them all right!!!”

Un terzo ha twittato: “I never get to watch Saturday night Tv but I really enjoyed #TakeOff su BBC1 . Nice light Saturday evening entertainment.

Take Off with Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby airs Saturdays at 6pm on BBC One.

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh team up on BBC show Take Off that was filmed before lockdown