I worked on Antiques Roadshow – there’s a reason we NEVER touch guests’ items

A FORMER Antiques Roadshow worker has revealed exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

An anonymous Reddit user, known only as @wellmeomy, has shared their experience as a volunteer on the long-running BBC series.

Fiona Bruce presents the BBC show

Fiona Bruce presents the BBC showCredit: BBC

They wrote on the discussion platform: “I worked as a volunteer at one of their shows this season.

“I did get two items appraised, but I was not video taped.”

They explained that: “they had me working on the set for the whole day”, and encouraged questions from curious fans: “so I should be able to answer any questions you have about it!”

One viewer asked the OP: “Did any of the appraisers ever offer to buy items from the guests?”

To which they responded: “The appraisers do not offer to buy items on the spot, because it would be totally unprofessional.

“They may express interest though. All the guests at the event are encouraged to pick up the appraisers business cards, which are all set out on a huge table as the guests leave the event.

“Not all appraisers leave their cards though.”

The former volunteer also explained that they were told “explicitly by producers” that handling any of the guests’ items was a huge no-go.

They explained that guests on the show had previously dropped their valuable objects.

“There were several instance where owners dropped their objects, one woman dropped a vase that was valued at a couple grand…” they detailed.

“She flipped. We were told explicitly by the producers to not touch ANY of the guests items, even if the owners were asking for assistance.”

Another person asked about research on the show: “How much research do the appraisers (or assistants) do for an object?

“What’s the time line like between when they first see something, and when they make their final analysis?”

To which the OP explained: “All of the research is done on the day of the event.

“The appraisers take usually take about an hour, but some time more, to collect their information.”

They added: “There is a small area back stage with computers and a book collection to use for reference, although it seems most of the appraisers can assess the more common items instantly without much research.”

There are some incredible antiques featured on the show

There are some incredible antiques featured on the showCredit: BBC