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Vlad unveils world’s biggest supersonic bomber ‘White Swanready for nukes

VLADIMIR Putin has unveiled the world’s biggest supersonic bomber in a chilling warning to the West about his nuclear weaponry.

The lethal Tupolev Tu-160 aircraft, known as the White Swan, took its maiden flight today armed withDaggermissiles.

Footage of the White Swan taking off

Footage of the White Swan taking offCrédito: East2West
The supersonic bomber landing successfully during recent air tests

The supersonic bomber landing successfully during recent air testsCrédito: East2West

Footage showed the modernised aircraft taking off as it underwent a series of tests.

It also showed the plane successfully landing, proving it was battle ready.

The chilling feature of the strategic bomber is that it can carry KH-47M2 Kinzhal missiles as part of its upgrade.

Conocido como el “dagger” o “Killjoy”, the nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles have devastating capabilities.

They have a range of more than 1,200 millas, meaning if Putin wanted to hit targets outside of Ukraine, he could.

The Kinzhal missile can be loaded with up to 1,000 pounds of explosives, or even a nuclear warhead.

But their speedthrough kinetic energyis enough to blast fatal holes in even the most reinforced warships.

The daggers have been used against Ukraine since March.

A statement made by Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation said: “Another upgraded Tu-160M strategic missile-carrying bomber developed by the Tupolev Company performed its debut flight.

The pilots performed manoeuvres to check the aircraft’s stability, operating capacity and control in the air.

The Tu-160M is the largest supersonic aircraft in the history of military aviation and the world’s heaviest warplane capable of carrying nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.

The White Swan has been the workhorse of Russia’s strategic missile forces since Soviet times but is now touted to be new and improved.

Those claims follow Gazeta’s interview with aviation expert Yury Gavrilov who analysed the war plane.

Él dijo: “Most of the changes concern the bomber’s on-board electronics systems.

“As part of the project to modernise the aircraft, technicians created a free inertial navigation system, electronic warfare complex, fuel systems, as well as weapons control systems.”

Two of the upgraded planes were due for completion this year.

Like other Russian hypersonic missile systems, the war lord claims the West has no means to stop it.

In recent weeks, the Russian despot has made desperate attempts boasting his firepower as his campaign in Ukraine continues to drag out.

Last Thursday, footage was released showcasing his Yars strategic firepower, with missiles emplaced in underground launch silos to be prepared for mobile use.

Russia also revealed chilling new footage of the new Avangard hypersonic missile being readied for combat.

Mad Vlad has also previously described the Avangard strikes “like a meteorite” and “invincible”unstoppable by any defence system.

Él dijo: “The Avangard is invulnerable to intercept by any existing and prospective missile defence means of the potential adversary.”

The White Swan taking flight

The White Swan taking flightCrédito: East2West
A Yars nuclear missile being readied for deployment

A Yars nuclear missile being readied for deploymentCrédito: East2West
A mobile version of the Yars nuclear missile being driven through the snow

A mobile version of the Yars nuclear missile being driven through the snowCrédito: Noticias de última hora
Vladimir Putin has been ramping up his nuclear threats

Vladimir Putin has been ramping up his nuclear threatsCrédito: AP