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Coronation Street: Stu Carpenter makes worrying mistake with granddaughter Eliza

STU Carpenter will be left feeling the pressure on Coronation Street as he takes care of his granddaughter.

He has had a tumultuous few weeks on the cobbles after discovering the truth about his daughter and his ex-wife ans their roles in the murder which saw him locked up.

Stu will be left feeling panicked over Eliza's care

Stu will be left feeling panicked over Eliza’s careCrédit: ITV
Eliza has been attempting to settle in with Stu and the Nazir's

Eliza has been attempting to settle in with Stu and the Nazir’sCrédit: ITV

With the rest of his family behind bars for the crime, it has been left to Stu to take care of granddaughter Eliza.

However caring for the youngster is left taking its toll on Stu who begins to worry and panic over whether he has enough expertise to look out for her.

The Speed Daal waiter is left concerned when he struggled to get Eliza to school on time but is then left shocked to seeit has all been handled.

He feels put out as he realises that Yasmeen has already made breakfast for her new lodger and that Alya has taken care of getting her ready for school by putting her hair into plaits.

In order to make sure that things continue to run smoothly, Stu comes up with a new idea to keep Eliza’s life as routined and regimented as possible.

He draws up a weekly timetable of all of Eliza’s activities that she must do.

He pins the list to the kitchen cupboard for everyone in the Nazir house to see.

It is made clear to everyone that Eliza is not to miss out on any more of her planned activities as she has already had enough upheaval as it is and Stu cannot bare the thought of her being even more disadvantaged.

Yasmeen reacts with concern, appearing to fear Stu is taking everything a little too seriously.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.