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Promi-Masterchef-Fans entdecken im Hintergrund eine nicht jugendfreie Tischaufstellung – hast Du gesehen?

FANS of Celebrity MasterChef were left in hysterics over a rather questionable table arrangement.

Das BBC One contest has been hotting up as the final round of heats got underway with stars such as ex-Corrie Favorit Ryan Thomas and drag queen Kitty Scott-Claus.

This table set-up surprised viewers

This table set-up surprised viewersAnerkennung: Twitter/@@KrisWhoTweets
Kitty was providing all the laughs

Kitty was providing all the laughsAnerkennung: BBC

But one viewer was quick to pick up on a rather cheeky set-up of items on the table worktops.

A strategically placed oil bottle and two avocados implied the image of something rather inappropriate indeed.

One viewer tweeted a still of the screen and joked: Umm, @kittyscottclaus, were you responsible for this? #CelebrityMasterchef.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race star Kitty certainly appeared to be the star on everyone’s minds during the show with viewers commenting on her hilarious antics on the cooking contest.

Ein Fan hat getwittert: “Kitty absolutely KILLING it on #celebritymasterchef. Should get extra points for having to cook in full drag tbqh.”

A second shared: “Kitty cracks me up, and I needed cheering up today. Thank you @kittyscottclaus #celebritymasterchef.”

Whilst a third noted a particularly funny moment when the drag star’s wig prevented her from getting her apron on.

Sie schrieben: “Kitty struggling to get the apron on over her wig <3”

Kitty’s hilarious antics come as fellow contestant Ryan Thomas has a serious mishap during the preparation of one of his dishes involving prawns.

Actor Ryan admitted he’d never prepared a prawn before, leaving the judges concerned.

Ryan immediately began chopping up the prawn into small pieces, failing to remove the ‘vein’, which is the black line that runs down the back of a shelled prawn.

This black line is, eigentlich, the intestinal tract of the prawn, it isn’t harmful but the prawn will be more pleasant to eat if removed.

Removing that string is called deveining and its dark colour means it is filled with grit.

After a nervous round, Ryan managed to serve his dish, but the judges were left bemused by his lack of cooking knowledge.

After taking one bite, Gregg said: “Your prawn balls are cooked but I much rather you’d have got that digestive tract out of it, which is gritty and dirty.

Ryan had an unfortunate mishap on the show

Ryan had an unfortunate mishap on the showAnerkennung: BBC
The latest round of the contest has been heating up

The latest round of the contest has been heating upAnerkennung: PA

Celebrity MasterChef continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.