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Spoilers da Coronation Street: Yasmeen toma uma decisão sobre assassinar Stu

ACCUSED of murder, Stu Carpenter was thrown behind bars and shunned by everyone in the cobbles.

Contudo, Yasmeen Nazir comes to her senses next week in Rua da Coroação and makes an important decision.

Stu Carpenter is behind bars

Stu Carpenter is behind barsCrédito: ITV
Yasmeen Nazir has shunned him away after finding out he confessed to murder

Yasmeen Nazir has shunned him away after finding out he confessed to murderCrédito: ITV
But it becomes clear he's actually innocent

But it becomes clear he’s actually innocentCrédito: ITV

Did the former homeless man portrayed by Bill Fellows really murder his former lover Charlie Walter?

ITV viewers were heart-broken and shocked when it was revealed he had confessed to the crime.

Mas na próxima semana, and as he has previously made clear, it becomes apparent Stu was actually tortured into giving a confession.

Could Yasmeen Nazir, jogado por Shelley King, change her mind about him as her grandchildren fight for the truth?

Coming up, Zeedan and Alya Nazir (jogado por Qasim Akhtar e Sair Khan) sort through Stu’s case files, which they asked Adam Barlow for.

They stumble upon the former navy’s interview tapes, which prompts the solicitor (Sam Robertson) to point that Stu was questioned for over ten hours.

This turns out to be against the rules and, to top it all of, there’s a tape missing from the case files.

Alya then pays Stu a visit in prison but Yasmeen interrupts and it’s clear the restaurant owner is ready to hear him out after giving him the silent treatment.

Stu tells Yasmeen the whole story of his affair with Charlie and he requests that Zeedan and Alya speak to his own solicitor, Norman.

The latter confirms exactly what Stu has been sayinghe was coerced into making a confession, deprived of food and thrown into desperation.

Feeling for Stu, Alya puts pressure on Yasmeen to allow him back at No.6 as she’s certain he’s actually innocent and has nowhere else to go.

After turning her back on him, believing him to be responsible for Charlie’s death, Yasmeen backtracks and is waiting to see him step out of the prison gates, much to his surprise.

In Victoria Garden, she tells Stu she believes he’s innocent and asserts that he must let Bridget know his intentions.

Stu reluctantly agrees but the pair then make their way to the cobbles.


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While Yasmeen, Alya and Zeedan are starting to figure out Stu was more of a victim than previously thought, other Weatherfield residents won’t be as convinced.

Upon his return, Stu is met with hostility from Dev Alahan and Bernie Winter but Yasmeen stands her groundhe’s moving back in with at No.6.

Mais tarde, and after Stu apologises to Kelly for cruelly rejecting her, Tim Metcalfe is another resident who wants him away from Yasmeen.

Outra vez, Yasmeen is hellbent on helping Stu clear his name, despite warnings from both Tim and his mother Elaine.

Stu is aware how much pain this could cause Yasmeen and offers to pack his bags.

But a stubborn Yasmeen tells him running away will only make him look guilty.

Will she continue to stand by him against all odds?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

Stu is released from prison next week

Stu is released from prison next weekCrédito: ITV
And she decides to stand by him

And she decides to stand by himCrédito: ITV
But he's immediately met with hostility

But he’s immediately met with hostilityCrédito: ITV
Will the Nazir family manage to prove Stu is innocent?

Will the Nazir family manage to prove Stu is innocent?Crédito: ITV