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Pokimane enfrenta ação na Justiça – YouTuber TheQuartering a acusa de 'bullying'’

POKIMANE is being accused of using her legal team to shut down YouTube videos criticising her.

Jeremy ‘TheQuaretingHambly is a controversial YouTuber who says Imane ‘PokimaneAnys is “assédio moral” creators.

This isn't the first time Pokimaine has been in a copyright infringement scandal

This isn’t the first time Pokimaine has been in a copyright infringement scandal

Pokimane has had her legal team reach out to meand demanded I take down some videos,” he explains.

Pokimane’s representatives have alleged that the videos don’t fall under fair use, but have neglected to use YouTube’s systems and processes to remove them.

TheQuartering points out that if they went through the proper channels on the platform, they’d have tocommit to going to court”.

He goes on speculate that her team doesn’t want to turn this into a legal battle, but has another agenda.

They just want to bully creators. They want to scare you with legalese.

Threaten lawsuits. And get you yo take down videos that are critical of Pokimane.

This isn’t the first fair use / copyright scandal Pokimane has been involved with.

No 2019, ela era called out by PewDiePie for trying to get a video taken down with a copyright strike.

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No momento, he labelled her a hypocrite, citing examples of the Twitch star (and others) featuring other people’s content in their videos.

Pokimane eventually pediu desculpa, admitting she didn’t ‘properly understandfair use at the time.

I thought Poki leaned about fair use 3 anos atrás?” TheQuartering tweetou, refencing that debacle.

Essentially, anything that makes a creator look bad they’ll bully and bend the law, in my opinion, to get people to remove that content,” he said of Pokimane’s representatives.

They’re going around, and they’re going to get her in trouble legally,” he stated, saying he’s prepared to spend anexorbitant amount of moneydefending his videos.

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