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Zelensky coinvolto in un incidente d'auto a Kiev & lanciata una sonda sull'incidente

VOLODYMYR Zelensky has been involved in a car crash just hours after vowing to marchforward to victory”.

The Ukrainian President was travelling through Kyiv when the vehicle he was in was struck by another car.

Zelensky joined troops in Izium today

Zelensky joined troops in Izium todayCredito: Rex

His press secretary Sergii Nykyforov said the heroic leader was not seriously injured in the smash.

He said Zelensky was checked over by medics.

The driver of the car was given emergency treatment at the scene before being handed over ambulance crews.

Police are now investigating the incident.

The smash happened after the lionhearted leader today joined troops in the town of Izium – a former russo stronghold – days after Mettere in’s troops fled in their worst defeat since the retreat from Kyiv.

Zelensky vowed to keep storming forward as his troops reached the edge of Russian-held Donbas in a stunning counter-attack.

Egli ha detto: “We are moving in only one directionforward and towards victory.

Zelensky watched a symbolic flag-raising amid the rubble of the bomb-blitzed town and vowed: “Our blue-yellow flag is already flying in de-occupied Izyum.

“It will be so in every ucraino city and village.”

His latest morale-boosting trip is in contrast to cowardly Putin whose only known meeting with frontline troops was in the safety of a Moscow hospital.

Ukraine said it had liberated some 6,000 square kilometres – an area the size of Devon – with last week’s lightning assault that caught Russian troops by surprise.

British and US long-range weapons – including HIMARS and GMLRS rocket launchers – were key to the mission’s success, Ukraine said.

Nel frattempo, Kremlin insiders claim Putin’s limousine was attacked in a possible assassination attempt as the war in Ukraine rages on.

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

The Russian tyrant’s car was hit by aloud bangon its left front wheel which was followed byheavy smoke”, sources close to the leader allege.

Mettere in‘s limo was driven to safety with the president unharmedbut there have been multiple arrests from his security service, Si sostiene.