Fanatique de bronzage montre combien de mousse elle utilise mais tout le monde dit la même chose

A TANNING fanatic showed off the sheer volume of mousse she uses to achieve her bronzed lookbut that isn’t what has caught people’s attention.

Aussie twins Jacqui and Victoria Hondrou are well known for their extreme tanning routine and they’ve once again shocked viewers with a tanning clip.

She wanted to show off how much tan she uses but that's not what caught everyone's attention

She wanted to show off how much tan she uses but that’s not what caught everyone’s attentionCrédit: @hondroutwins/Tiktok
She did pour out a mountain of mousse to tan her legs

She did pour out a mountain of mousse to tan her legsCrédit: @hondroutwins/Tiktok

One of the twins showed off just how much tan she uses in one go, creating an enormous mountain of tanning mousse to dig into.

She then applied the tan wearing just rubber gloves, as the twins famously claim this is preferable over using a tanning mit.

toutefois, what really stunned viewers was how green her legs looked after applying the tan.

The clip racked up 1.9 million views and commenters were almost unanimous in their surprise at the green tone of the woman’s freshly tanned legs.

“Sister you’re green”, a écrit un spectateur, while another agreed: “That’s not tan. That’s green.”

“Why’s it green?" a demandé un autre.

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Some viewers were quick to point out, pourtant, that green undertones in fake tan are used to make sure the final colour doesn’t appear orange.

“Green cancels out orange”, wrote one commenter, and a second said: “It goes on green to cancel out orange. When it washes off it looks so natural.”

The girls have gone viral before for their tanning processalthough it involves tonnes of product and rubber gloves, they are always streak-free and perfectly bronzed.

Dozens of commenters said the woman's tan was unnaturally green

Dozens of commenters said the woman’s tan was unnaturally greenCrédit: @hondroutwins/Tiktok

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