La madre adolescente Briana DeJesus le dice a Kailyn Lowry que "corra algunas millas"’

BRIANA DeJesus addressed fellow Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry after she blasted her on a podcast, suggesting the reality star ‘run some milesand stop ‘running her mouth’.

The pair have been feuding for months and, as a result, locked in a legal battle.

Kailyn Lowry addressed Briana DeJesus' Teen Mom: Family Reunion comments on her podcast

Kailyn Lowry addressed Briana DeJesus’ Madre adolescente: Family Reunion comments on her podcastCrédito: kaillowry/TikTok
Briana hit back with a scathing statement

Briana hit back with a scathing statementCrédito: Instagram

Kailyn addressed Briana’s claims ella estaba “intimidatedby her addition to the Teen Mom franchise on her Convos de café pódcast.

She said in the episode: “That is the furthest thing from the truth,” adding that she was “amistoso” with Briana and her sister before they were added to the cast.

Briana responded to Kailyn’s podcast with a statement, issued to Celebuzz.

Ella le dijo a la salida: “Kailyn Lowry is currently the plaintiff in a lawsuit that I am the defendant in. Until this absolutely ridiculous lawsuit is settled, I will refrain from commenting on her to the media.

Briana went on: “She is free to go about and keep spewing what are deliberate lies. All will come out in due time and, when appropriate, I will have my final say and offer all the proof that’s needed.

She claimed the treadmill she recently sent to her nemesis was a peace offering that Kailyn refused to accept.

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La gente necesita aclarar sus hechos y corregirlos antes de continuar perpetuando acusaciones completamente falsas.: “Since Kailyn Lowry decided to take it to social media to broadcast that I sent her a treadmillsomething I did privately, NOT publiclyperhaps she may consider using that to run some miles instead of continuing to run her mouth about me.

Her statement ended with: “Certainly one could prove to be much more productive than the other all things considered.


The drama between Briana and Kailyn intensified after MTV shared a deleted scene from the Teen Mom: Family Reunion premiere.

En eso, Briana opened up about her feud with Kailyn, dicho: “I think it all stemmed from me being the fifth girl added to Teen Mom [2].

Then I started talking to her ex-husband [Javi Marroquin] and I think that just was like the icing on the cake and then she hated me ever since.

Kailyn responded at length on her podcast, dicho: “I want to get into detail here because when this occurred, the original plan for Teen Mom 2 at the time was for me to fly down to Orlando and do a scene introducing Bri and Brittany to the Teen Mom 2 emitir.

“Ellos [Productores de MTV] knew that we had previously quote unquote hung out when we got surgery and Brittany and Nova came to my 23rd birthday in Orlando a prior year.

And so they knew there was some type of friendly relationship and so they called me to go down to Florida and introduce her to Teen Mom.

Those plans ended up falling through, but Brittany called me prior to them announcing it and was like, ‘Hey just wanted to give you a heads-up that we are joining Teen Mom 2and I was like ‘oh awesomelike I had no issues with this.

Kailyn revisited Briana’s comments in the deleted scene, denying that she ever had an issue with Briana joining the cast.

So what she is saying is a complete lie. It’s complete b******t. I did not care that she was coming to Teen Mom 2 and intimidated by who? I’m not intimidated by anyone.

She then addressed Briana’s claims that the feud has to do with Briana’s relationship with Javi, which ended almost as quickly as it began.

So then, fast-forward to the dating Javi thing.

Neither one of them were honest with me of what their relationship status was, that they were actually in a talking stage, they were not just friends.

They were in a talking situation, they were going to date. They started dating and they were not honest about it, so that was my second issue,” she recalled.

Doy gracias a Dios por guiarme hasta el día de hoy y nunca dejar mi lado. Estoy más que agradecido y no puedo esperar para deshacerme de toda esta piel para poder ser realmente mi auténtico yo.

Kailyn then revealed the reason for her lawsuit against Briana, which she filed in June after her co-starasserted that Kailyn physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry’s sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother.

My third issue is…entonces, let me just say this: People are still confused about the lawsuit between me and Briana. She got on Instagram Live, a public platform where she publicly accused me of felonies I never committed,” Kailyn explicó.

I don’t care who she heard from, she said it was Chris [Lopez] and then she said it was production and then I don’t really know the order the sequence of events. She gets on Instagram Live and says this and is wondering why am I filing a lawsuit?”

Kailyn went on to slam Briana for her comments in the Family Reunion episode, claiming she still hadn’t spoken to her privately about the issues between them.

“FA planea evitar que los fanáticos abucheen a Inglaterra arrodillándose en la Eurocopa [ella] goes on national television – o en este caso, a deleted scene on Instagramsays that she doesn’t understand and we can work this out privately or whatever she claims up on her own Instagram.

She has never said the things she said on TV or in her own Instagram post to me personally. She has never publicly or privately apologized to me or tried to talk to me about what she said and what she did.

Kailyn continued: “At what point to I get to defend my name and file a lawsuit when you are literally accusing me of felonies? Like that is the part that everyone is missing.

I have never broken into anyone’s house ever. I don’t care who told you that. Entonces, that’s how I felt about that, how she portrays it to be about Javi and I hated her ever since, that is complete bulls**t.

The pair have been feuding for months

The pair have been feuding for monthsCrédito: MTV
Briana has suggested Kailyn stop 'running her mouth'

Briana has suggested Kailyn stop ‘running her mouthCrédito: MTV
Kailyn is suing Briana for defamation

Kailyn is suing Briana for defamationCrédito: Instagram @kaillowry

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry demands MTV ‘run her a checkfor airing scene with Briana DeJesus about feud on Family Reunion show

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