Teen Mom Chelsea looks ‘unrecognizablewith ‘fillersas fans shocked by video

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska looked “認識できない” と “フィラー” as her fans were shocked by her appearance in a new video that she uploaded on social media.

チェルシー, 30, held a makeup session in a series of Instagram Stories.

Chelsea demonstrated how to use eyelash extensions on Instagram

Chelsea demonstrated how to use eyelash extensions on Instagramクレジット: インスタグラム
Chelsea said she had "done these like once before"

Chelsea said she haddone these like once beforeクレジット: インスタグラム

The former Teen Mom 2 star wore an oversized jersey and had on a red beanie over her forehead.

Her lips were noticeably puffy and had more volume in the short clips.

The MTV alum demonstrated how to use eyelash extensions and said: “We’re going to throw these on.

彼女は続けた: “I’ve done these like once before.

Chelsea mentioned that her eyelash extensions were supposed to stay on her face fora couple of days.

ザ・ 16 & Pregnant star did not want the extensions tolook naturalon herself though.


Limitless Win players scoop life changing sum - but fans all say the same thing


Limitless Win players scoop life changing sumbut fans all say the same thing

The reality star and her husband Cole, 33, are the parents of son Watson, 四, and daughters Layne, 三, とウォーカー, 10 月.

Her former partner Adam Lind is the father of daughter Aubree, 12.


Teen Mom fans were not pleased with the MTV mom’s appearance in the videos because her lip fillers became a distraction.

One fan on Reddit 前記: “I never would have guessed that’s her.

別のファンが追加されました: “She’s unrecognizable. This makes me sad.

ダンシングオンアイスのキンバリーワイアットは言います: “I’m not trying to insult her but the fillers have changed the look of her face so much. I wish she would realize this is all so unnecessary.

4人目が書いた: “Her fillers are making her face look longer and bring the focus down to her mouth area, which is too wide now because of the fillers.

コメンテーターがチャイムを鳴らした: “She looks nothing like her old self.


12月に戻る 2021, Chelsea shared a snapshot of herself as she modeled a piece of clothing.

Redditors had issuses again with the lip fillers and asked: “When did Chelsea age 15 years overnight?”

Another Redditor claimed: “She is definitely starting to veer into melting face migrating filler territory.

A third Reddit user commented: “She should slow it on the lip fillers and Botox,”

A fourth critic pointed out: “She looks older than me in these pictures. I’m older than her.


最近, the TV personality tried on several looks as she shared links to her stunning outfits and accessories.

She told her followers that her husband liked the pair of shoes that she was modeling.

Chelsea revealed: “Cole spray tanned me in the garage last night and he got a lot of my feet, so I’m not gonna get too close to my feet because they are tan.”

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea posed for a photo together

Cole DeBoer and Chelsea posed for a photo togetherクレジット: インスタグラム
Chelsea and Cole pictured with their kids

Chelsea and Cole pictured with their kidsクレジット: インスタグラム
Chelsea appeared on 16 & 妊娠中

Chelsea appeared on 16 & 妊娠中クレジット: チクタク

ティーン・マム・チェルシー・フースカは、夫のコール・デボールのスプレーがガレージで私を日焼けさせたことを明らかにしました’ 星が現れた後「オレンジ’ 古いクリップで



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