Teen Mom Chelsea reveals parenting hacks for raising four kids while working

TEEN Mom Chelsea Houska has revealed her parenting hacks for raising four kids while juggling multiple businesses.

The now mom of four first showed up on the MTV show, 16 & Pregnant, when she was expecting her 11-year-old daughter, Aubree, back in 2009.

Enforces rules with her kids

Chelsea Houska has four kids from two different relationships

Chelsea Houska has four kids from two different relationshipsCredit: Refer to Caption

Having four kids before the age of 30 cannot be easy but the 29-year-old makes it seem so effortlessly as she raises them with her husband, Cole Deboer.

Aside from Aubree with Adam, Chelsea shares Watson, Layne, and Walker with Cole.

In order to successfully manage her four kids and juggle two businesses, Chelsea has to be clear about the rules when it comes to what her kids do outside of school.

In the last season of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea revealed she won’t let her oldest daughter have social media to shield her from any hurt and pain it might cause at such a young age.

Fans will remember that when Chelsea was pregnant, Adam Lind would use social media to hurt her.

Lets the kids express themselves

She lets her daughter express herself

She lets her daughter express herselfCredit: Instagram

Despite being super strict with her kids and not letting them have social media at a young age, she still lets them express themselves as best as possible.

Earlier this month, Chelsea showed off Aubree’s purple hair as they welcomed the summer.

Because Chelsea is an aesthetician, she knows how to properly care of her kids’ skin and hair without causing long-term damage.

Keeps her kids’ best interest at heart

Chelsea and Cole keep their kids' best interest at heart

Chelsea and Cole keep their kids’ best interest at heartCredit: Instagram

After years of being in front of the cameras, Chelsea and Cole made the decision to quit filming Teen Mom 2 in order to focus on their family life and provide their kids with much-needed privacy.

Back in November 2020, sources close to the star claimed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that the mom of three “didn’t like that her segments were becoming more and more about Aubree’s personal life and her relationship with Adam’s family.”

The insider told the outlet: “Chelsea was becoming more and more concerned about Aubree being on-camera, now that she’s older.

“She always knew she would leave the show once Aubree reached a certain age. She didn’t want her to go through puberty on-camera and be subjected to hurtful and sometimes creepy comments from viewers.”

Before quitting, Chelsea had actually stopped filming with the crew as they grew worried about testing her kids three times a week.

Doesn’t let her issues with Adam affect his relationship with their daughter

Chelsea has taught Aubree to stand up for herself

Chelsea has taught Aubree to stand up for herselfCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska/Cole DeBoer

Fans of the show will know that Chelsea and Adam didn’t work out after being on and off for years.

Following their final breakup, Adam would also fail to show up for their daughter and his relationship with her became strained.

However, for years, Chelsea struggled with the idea of cutting their relationship off because she recognized Aubree deserved to have a dad in her life.

Luckily, when Cole stepped up, Chelsea was able to fight for custody and Adam now only gets supervised visitations with Aubree.

Despite that strained relationship, Aubree is still close with her dad’s youngest daughter, Paisley, who also doesn’t see her dad.

Teaches her kids to stand up for what’s right and to defend their character

Chelsea is very defensive of her kids

Chelsea is very defensive of her kidsCredit: Social Media – Refer to Source

Despite being a more submissive mom in the beginning, Chelsea has learned to stand up for herself and what’s best for her kids.

Whether that’s by fighting for what’s best for Aubree and demanding Adam be a better dad or by clapping back at people who attack her character, Chelsea is teaching her kids to also stand up for themselves.

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