Teen Mom Cheyenne’s fiance Zach ‘crashed into parked cars & fled’ in DUI arrest

TEEN Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd’s fiance, Zach Davis, “crashed into parked cars” and “fled the scene” in his driving under the influence arrest.

扎克, 31, 曾是 本月早些时候因未执行逮捕令而被捕 在洛杉矶国际机场过海关时, 因为他在盗窃和酒驾案件中打破了缓刑.

Cheyenne Floyd's fiance was arrested for a DUI in 2018

Cheyenne Floyd’s fiance was arrested for a DUI in 2018信用: Instagram/Cheyenne Floyd
He crashed into parked cars and fled the scene, 据警方称

He crashed into parked cars and fled the scene, 据警方称信用: Instagram/@z.terrel

太阳可以独家揭示 青少年妈妈OG 父亲于 9 月因酒驾被捕 1, 2018.

洛杉矶警察局告诉太阳报: “嫌疑人与多辆停放的车辆相撞并逃离现场.



扎克在 $67,000 保释.

仅仅一个月后的十月 5, 2018, 扎克再次因轻罪逮捕令被捕, 无有效驾驶执照和小偷小摸的额外费用.





The LAPD told The Sun: “Suspect’s vehicle was stopped and then Suspect was arrested for misdemeanor warrants.”

Back on September 10, 2015, 他又被酒驾袭击了, 洛杉矶警察局证实.

He was held on $5,000 bond.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported he was sentenced to 36 months probation for the reckless driving charge, 和 10 days in jail for the driving without a license charge.


《太阳报》此前曾报道 青少年妈妈OG 爸爸也 allegedly fled from police in a separate arrest for identity theft.

According to the Culver City Police Department, Zach was arrested on August 19, 2019 在 11:20是, and charged with identity theft and resisting arrest.

The Public Information Officer for Culver City told The Sun: “Observation of suspicious circumstances, a search revealed identity theft evidence and Davis ran from the scene.”

He was booked and held on $10,000 bail before he was released.

The department confirmed the case is “still pending resolution” with Los Angeles courts.


作为 TMZ 坏了, Zach was arrested at LAX on January 3 while the family was returning home from a trip to Mexico.

Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder, 4, with Cory Wharton and her son Ace, 8 月, with Zach joined them for the getaway.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, his next court date is scheduled for October 20, 2022.


The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported on his other previous arrests.

The outlet reported in February 2020 that the court was notified Zach possibly violated probation in the case and he is due back for a hearing in October.

He was also charged with a DUI and driving with license suspended or revoked in June 2020.

The case remains ongoing.

He was also charged in February 2015 with petty theft-related crimes.

He pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 10 days in Los Angeles County Jail with 24 months probation.


夏安, 29, 和扎克在青少年妈妈 OG 的首季约会.



Zach 和 Cheyenne 在大流行期间重新建立联系,并在几个月后宣布怀孕.

去年四月向夏安求婚 在欢迎他们的儿子 Ace 之前在她的婴儿洗澡.

They bought property and are now building their dream home.

Zach was arrested on the way home from a family vacation in Mexico

Zach was arrested on the way home from a family vacation in Mexico信用: Instagram的
They are parents to son Ace and her daughter Ryder from a previous relationship

They are parents to son Ace and her daughter Ryder from a previous relationship信用: Instagram/cheynotshy

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shares glimpse inside baby son Ace’s nursery after fiance Zach Davisarrest at LA airport



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