I fan di Teen Mom temono per Bar dopo che sembra "così magro".’ alla riunione

Mamma adolescente 2 fans say Bar lookssickas he appears on the reunion show alongside wife Ashley Jones.

The reality star has not addressed the comments about his looks or the concern for his well-being.

Teen Mom fans are concerned for Bar Smith after seeing him on the reunion show

Teen Mom fans are concerned for Bar Smith after seeing him on the reunion showCredito: MTV
Ashley Jones' husband appeared thinner than normal and, according to some fans, "sick"

Ashley Joneshusband appeared thinner than normal and, according to some fans, “sickCredito: Ashley Siren/Instagram

Il martedì, MTV aired the first part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

Durante l'episodio, Ashley and Bar sit down with Dr. Drew and Nessa to talk about the season and reflect on the progress they made in their relationship.

Bar steps out on the stage wearing a brown top and dark slacks.

Fans were quick to flock to Reddit, commenting on his looks and expressing worry.

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Teen Mom star Bar Smith sobs while his mother Shen reveals tumors diagnosis


Teen Mom star Bar Smith sobs while his mother Shen reveals tumors diagnosis

Many noted that he appeared thin, pale and lookedsick.

Fans on Reddit speculated about what may have led to the change, while others simply seemed scared for him.

Bar looks sick. He’s so thin,” Jordyn ha condiviso una serie di foto di una visita a Portland.

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A second fan commented: “Isn’t his mom sick maybe its stress.

Un terzo è intervenuto: “He’s always been a skinny dude but he does look especially thin here.

Several fans brought up Bar’s past struggles, which include addiction issues.

It wasn’t all kindness and concern, purtroppo.

Mamma adolescente 2 fans weighed in on Ashley’s decision to stay married to Bar despite their ups and downs.

Ashley wasting her best years on Bar,” one critic commented.


During the show, Ashley and Bar are asked about their relationship.

After watching back scenes from the season, during which the duo considered divorcing, the pair share an update.

Ashley tells Dr. Drew and Nessa: “Everyone that I grew up around was married.

My grandparents have been married for, piace, 50 anni. My mom has been married to my dad for like 20-something years and so I think I had this idea of what marriage was because I saw them married and I saw how they worked and so my first instinct was to run.

‘I’m out. I’m not about to be in a f**ked up marriage.

She breaks down as she confesses: “And then when we went to TMFR, Coach B said some things to me that hit me in a different way and some things about me that I didn’t realize.

And when we went home, I really wanted to make those changes because I love Bar with all my heart and the way that I act sometimes may not come across that way because I’m dealing with my own s**t.

The mom of one adds: “I’ve been through a lot in my life and so to protect myself I’ve developed a language.

I can back you up without putting my hands on you. That’s how I protect myself and he’s not the person I need to protect myself from.

Asked what the issues in their relationship are, Ashley says: “I just want him to be passionate about something.

She confesses it wasmaybe coming across in a way that wasn’t helpful.


Ashley and Bar confirmed their marriage on Teen Mom Family Reunion.

Fans had been speculating up to that point, but the couple had been quiet.

Co-stars were quick to notice a ring on Ashley’s wedding ring finger after the ladies arrived on the set.

Cheyenne Floyd sat down with her to get to the bottom of things, chiedendo: “Let me look at your hand.

Ashley responds: “It’s what the f**k ever,” which seemed to confuse Cheyenne who asked, “You guys came together. Are you not together?”

Ashley reveals: “We’re married,” which further shocked Cheyenne.

She went on to explain: “We’re married but not together,” adding that shedecided this.

I have a lot of anger built up with Bar. I speak one language, he speaks another and we don’t hear each other,” Ashley said on the show, which flashed to an old Teen Mom episode featuring a blowup between them.

Although Ashley claimed to be broken up with her husband, she said in a confessional that she’s hopeful they canget some tools to be able to speak to each other in the same language.

She recounted some of Bar’s lotte, telling Cheyenne: “He had an ankle monitor and that put him on the straight and narrow. He was on that for, piace, a year and some change.

“In quel periodo, I saw so many positive things that’s when we got married. Now that it’s off, it’s just complacent.

Cheyenne advised: “I feel like you guys have been through so much together because you started so young and I don’t want you to use that as, piace, a crutch or reason to say.

This is nothing against him.

Ashley went on to explain what she would need from Bar, the father of her only daughter, before she would get back together with him.

Lei disse: “In order for me to put the ring back on, I need to see him do a few things.

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I need to see him go to school or get a trade.

If you wanna hunt f**king chickens, hunt chickens but do it good and be serious about the things.

Ashley broke down discussing their relationship struggles

Ashley broke down discussing their relationship strugglesCredito: MTV
The couple nearly ended their marriage after only a short time

The couple nearly ended their marriage after only a short timeCredito: MTV
Bar and Ashley are parents to daughter Holly

Bar and Ashley are parents to daughter HollyCredito: Social media – Fare riferimento alla fonte

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