Teen Mom Farrah teilt Video von sich selbst, wie sie noch mehr Arschspritzen bekommt

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham shared a video of herself getting even more butt injections while she wore just a thong.

Farrah, 30, shouted outBooty check!” before getting the cosmetic procedure done in an Instagram-Geschichte.

Farrah flaunted her butt in a mirror

Farrah flaunted her butt in a mirrorAnerkennung: Instagram / @Farrah Abraham
Farrah was given a 'filler for the dimpling'

Farrah was given a ‘filler for the dimpling

In dem Video, Fatema Love explained that the reality star wasgetting a filler for the dimpling.

Das MTV star stretched herself out across the chair and had stripped down to her thong.

Fatema placed her hand around Farrah’s bare booty before the injections were given.


Farrah zuvor beschrieben ihr Körper Makeover in ihrem Buch, Traum der Zwanziger: Selbstgeführte Selbsthilfe-Erinnerungen.

Sie schrieb: “"Ja, es ist wahr, Ich habe mich einer Schönheitsoperation unterzogen und mit dieser Verantwortung und Freiheit, ich habe viel gelernt.

Ich bin dankbar, dass ich so ziemlich meinen ersten bis letzten Eingriff öffentlich zeigen oder dokumentieren konnte. That includes even the mess-ups.

Im Alter von 22, das Teen Mom OG alum underwent a 40-minute procedure under local anesthesia to remove the implant.

Sie underwent a breast augmentation in 2010 before undergoing a rhinoplasty and chin implant in 2012.

Farrah unterzog sich dann einer zweiten Brustvergrößerung in 2013 um ihre Körbchengröße von C auf D zu erhöhen.

Das selbe Jahr, she also received lip injections.

Dann in 2015, sie unterzog sich einer dritten Brustvergrößerung, um eine frühere verpfuschte Prozedur zu korrigieren.


Farrah und Sophia, 12, startled fans when they shared a bizarre new short video on Tick ​​Tack.

Im Clip, the reality star gave a series of wild and scary looks at the camera.

The shots switched back and forth between her and her daughter.

The tween simply smiled back at the camera, but the two applied a slow-motion filter that evoked an eerie vibe.

An einer Stelle, Farrah gasped as she grabbed her chest in horror.

Sophia sipped her drink in response.

Fans were absolutely floored by the upload, as they flooded the comments section with requests tosave Sophia.

One Teen Mom fan mentioned: “What the hell is even going on here?”

A second Teen Mom fan pointed out: “I’m scared.

Another fan noted: “Farrah is jealous of Sophia and it shows. All Sophia wants is attention and is afraid of being taken out of the spotlight by her child. I really wish someone would rescue her.

Großartige Halbzeitshow … oder GRÖSSTE Halbzeitshow: “I don’t get it,” while another one said: “Sophia needs friends her age.

Farrah pictured at a red carpet event

Farrah pictured at a red carpet eventAnerkennung: Getty
Farrah wrote about the 'responsibility and freedom' of plastic surgery

Farrah wrote about the ‘responsibility and freedomof plastic surgeryAnerkennung: Getty
Fans were scared by Sophia's TikTok video

Fans were scared by Sophia’s TikTok video

A fifth commentator added: “I really wish she had some sort of normal social interactions. Farrah is doing a terrible job of ‘raisingher.