Teen Mom Farrah shows off bare butt to correct botched booty procedure

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham showed off her bare butt while getting fillers to correct the botched booty procedure.

فرح, 30, has shared her experience at the Miss Hudson’s Academy in the United Kingdom.

Farrah Abraham went to Miss Hudson's Academy for 'booty correction'

Farrah Abraham went to Miss Hudson’s Academy for ‘booty correctionالإئتمان: انستغرام
Farrah showed off her bare butt on Instagram

Farrah showed off her bare butt on Instagramالإئتمان: انستغرام

في ال انستغرام صورة, the Teen Mom OG alum appeared to be lying down on a table.

She appeared to be wearing a white hospital gown.

The former MTV star stretched herself across as she teased her booty.

A woman in black, wearing white Gucci shoes, knelt beside her.

The reality star reportedlyflew from TEXAS just tomeet with CEO Miss Hudson.

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Farrah reportedly neededbooty correctionbecause sheoriginally had buttock fillerssupposedly done by adoctor in Beverly Hills.

The TV star was reportedlyunhappy with the outcome.

The celebrity aestheticians reportedlyreconstructed the bootyand addedsymmetry and projectionin order to bringeverything back into shape.

The TV personality shared another image with the woman in black in an Instagram Story.

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قامت بتعليق المنشور: “Getting birthday ready!”

Farrah is the mother of her 13-year-old daughter, صوفيا.


Back in April, the Teen Mom star celebrated the Mother’s Day holiday with a new booty.

Farrah recorded herself breathing in laughing gas through a tube.

The camera panned down her body to show her doctor and nurse injecting needles into her butt.

Farrah captioned the post with aHappy Mother’s Daygif.

During the second clip, she filmed herself smiling and gasping at the camera.

Her doctor pressed the gauze up against the injection spot.

قالت: “It’s in there. I’m so excited. Moms check it out!”

The MTV mom then gave the camera to a companion to continue filming while she stood wearing a robe and underwear.

She lifted up the back of her gown to reveal her butt as the doctor continued the injection process.

Sophia’s mother threw her head back in laughter as he inserted the needle into her rear end.

Farrah finished up her appointment with a series of injections around her jawline.


The reality star has gone under the knife and transformed her body as she underwent a breast augmentation back in 2010

She then had a rhinoplasty and chin implant in 2012, which led to her second breast augmentation in 2013.

The boob job increased her cup size from C to D.

That same year, she also received lip injections.

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Then in 2015, she underwent her third boob job to correct the previous botched procedure.

Farrah also admitted to getting Botox and fillers in her face.

Farrah said she was 'getting birthday ready'

Farrah said she was ‘getting birthday readyالإئتمان: انستغرام
Farrah posed with her daughter Sophia

Farrah posed with her daughter Sophiaالإئتمان: انستغرام
Sophia was pictured with her mother Farrah

Sophia was pictured with her mother Farrahالإئتمان: جيتي

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