Teen Mom Jenelle twerka & slams fans who claim she got a butt lift

JENELLE Evans twerked in tiny cutoff jean shorts while shutting down rumors that she had a Brazilian butt lift.

Il Mamma adolescente 2 alum faced backlash recently after claiming she wasrealdespite having a boob job and lip fillers.

Jenelle twerked in tiny jean shorts

Jenelle twerked in tiny jean shortsCredito: Tic toc
She shut down rumors of having a 'Brazilian butt lift'

She shut down rumors of having a ‘Brazilian butt liftCredito: Tic toc

Jenelle, 29, preso a Tic toc to share a wild new video as she popped her body and danced to Trace Adkinssong Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.

The reality star swayed her hips to the tunes while wearing a white tank top and skin-tight cutoff short jean shorts.

The TV personality mouthed the words to the song saying: “Honey you can’t blame her for what her mama gave herbefore jumping to show off her butt while the lyrics continued: “for shaking that moneymaker.

Jenelle showed off her curves in the skimpy outfit, and captioned her clip: “Can ya blame me? ?? #GotItFromMyMama.”

tuttavia, fans were not so enthused as one took to the comments section to accuse her of having a Brazilian butt lift, detto: “But mama didn’t give it to you@therealdrmiami did.


The mother of three was so perturbed by the comment, she made a second video to shut down the accusation.

While sitting outside with her husband, David Eason, lei chiese: “Remember when I went to Dr Miami in Florida?” a cui ha risposto: “Uh huh.

What did I go there for?” she inquired.

Uhhhh your chin,” he replied.

“si? Destra. Va bene,” lei rise, prima di aggiungere: “Cause someone said your mama didn’t give it to you, Dr Miami did.

“Che cosa?” David asked as Jenelle responded: “I guess my a**.

Oh he definitely did not, you can ask him yourself he would say no. And he also said no to working on your chin. He said he would not do that because you do not need it,” the father of three added.

Yeah so we didn’t even go there about my a**,Jenelle clarified.

And I already had my boobs done, which everyone knows,” she confessed, as her husband could be heard in the background saying: “Which are perfect.


Il MTV star has regularly faced body shamers online who have trolled her for “aumento di peso” and having plastic surgery.

All'inizio di questa settimana, Jenelle claimed she’s the “realest b**ch you’ll ever meetbefore comments flooded in to remind her of her boob job and lip fillers.

Il martedì, a fan encouraged the controversial star to put on her shapewear before leaving the house as they noted that Kim Kardashian, 40, “never leaves without hers.”

Ma il Mamma adolescente star clapped back: “I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m like the realest b**ch you’ll ever meet.

“If I did that, that would be fake and I’m not gonna be fake.”

Jenelle then pledged to “be as real as possible” for her fans before concluding: “It’s crazy. Y’all act like my image burns your eyes out or some s**t.”

The MTV alum captioned the clip: “why are y’all always pressed about my weight?!"

Fans then raced to Reddit to remind the young mom of her various plastic surgery procedures over the years.

Pointing out her previous boob job, una persona ha scritto: “’I’m not going to be fake and wear shapewear.’ She says before putting her surgically enhanced breasts into a bra.”

Jenelle slammed rumors of butt surgery

Jenelle slammed rumors of butt surgeryCredito: Tic toc
She previously admitted to having a boob job

She previously admitted to having a boob jobCredito: Getty
Jenelle told fans she would not wear 'shapewear' in order to stay 'real'

Jenelle told fans she would not wear ‘shapewearin order to stay ‘realCredito: Tic toc

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed by fans after star claims she’s the ‘realest b**ch you’ll meetdespite boob job & filler per le labbra

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