Teen Mom Jenelle’s husband David makes pork roast wrapped in BACON

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evanshusband David Eason made cream cheese-stuffed pork roast wrapped in bacon after they were slammed for their “不良” family dinners.

David shared his unusual recipe and dinner tutorial on TikTok and fans begged him toput out a cook book.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason made a peculiar dinner

青少年妈妈珍妮尔埃文斯’ husband David Eason made a peculiar dinner信用: TikTok @easondavid
David made a TikTok tutorial for his 'stuffed pork roast with bacon weave wrap'

David made a TikTok tutorial for his ‘stuffed pork roast with bacon weave wrap信用: TikTok @easondavid

大卫, 33, made a TikTok tutorial for hisstuffed pork roast with bacon weave wrap.

He lined up his ingredients which included pork, asparagus, tomato, bell pepper, apple, jalapeño, and onion.

The more unusual ingredients were ground sausage, smoked hog jaws, cream cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic paste.

David cooked up the vegetables and let his culinary creation sit on the grill for an entire eight hours.

He was proud of the final product and said: “This was off the hook! Jenelle loved it!”

Jenelle replied in David’s comments and wrote: “Lol, I didn’t think I would like it honestly, but I definitely did!”


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Fans reacted to his post as one said, “It looked delicious,” and a second wrote, “That looks good.

People even asked David about publishing a cook book.

一问: “When are you going to put out a cookbook?”

A second posted: “Your food always looks so amazing! I definitely need a cook book from you.

A third even praised: “You should be on the Food Network.


Earlier last week, fans slammed David’s holiday cooking asdisgusting.

David posted the meat dish being prepared on skewers over a skillet with the caption: “Homemade hoshdogs, much better than store bought kind.

A screengrab of the clip made its way onto Reddit where critics voiced their opinions about the meal choice.

One user wrote: “He’s so gross. Imagine finding a beard hair in your garbage dog.

Another person commented on the couple’s eating habits writing: “These people eat entirely too much meat I’ve never seen them once film themselves cooking or incorporating a god damn vegetable into their food

A third person replied: “I think he goes out of his way to be as nasty as possible.

Another echoed the statement and wrote: “I wouldn’t eat ANYTHING they cook.

While a fifth user focused their attention on the pair’s stove top and replied: “Let’s talk about how frigging nasty their stove top is.


本月初, Jenelle faced backlash over her tomato soup which fans claimed looked more likepeethan soup.

The former MTV star shared a look at her soup via her Instagram Story, prompting a slew of comments from fans.

A user posted Jenelle’s story on Reddit, 我在麦当劳做汉堡包工作,现在我经营着 450 万英镑的甜甜圈帝国: “Jenelle’s ‘homemadetomato soup looks absolutely disgusting.

另一个开玩笑: “Caitlyn’s pee Tupperware has entered the chat,” referencing an episode of Teen Mom OG in which Catelynn Lowell stashed urine in a tupperware container.

Toilet talk appeared to be a theme, as another Reddit user wrote: “Seriously tmi but when my IBS-D is acting up, toilet water ends up looking like this. How this man calls it tomato soup is beyond me lol

Another Reddit user wrote: “She could write a book called ‘Gross recipes nobody asked for’.

Someone else added: “It looks like something I would send back.

Some commenters noted that while they weren’t necessarily fans, they saw nothing wrong with her soup.

Nah now you guys are reaching that’s just soup,” one defender wrote.

另一个评论: “I mean slap a filter on anything and it’ll change its appearance. I’m sure it’s probably fine and at least it’s mostly (希望) vegetable based.

A third person came to her defense, 写作: “I’m not a Jenelle fan, she’s objectively a bad person, but this is correct. No one cooks or some s**t cuz this looks like tomato soup looks.


David was also slammed for his peculiar Christmas gift to Jenelle.

The ex reality star gifted his wife a new cheetah print andpot leavesworkout set.

Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to slam David’s gift for Jenelle as one wrote: “That cheetah and weed print outfit makes me cringe.

A second was also skeptical and posted: “That outfit tho…”

另一个评论: “Leopard print weed outfit. Classy.

Yet a fourth chimed in: “That outfit from David looks like it came from a tacky set up at a flea market.

One person asked: “Why are you wearing leopard print AND cannabis themed clothing? You’re 30 babes.

Fans praised his cooking and begged for David to publish a cook book

Fans praised his cooking and begged for David to publish a cook book信用: Instagram的 / David Eason
This comes after David's holiday cooking was slammed as 'disgusting' and 'unhealthy'

This comes after David’s holiday cooking was slammed as ‘disgustingand ‘unhealthy信用: Instagram的 / David Eason
Fans also slammed David's cheetah print and 'pot leaves' workout set gift to Jenelle

Fans also slammed David’s cheetah print and ‘pot leavesworkout set gift to Jenelle信用: 社交媒体 – 参考来源

Teen Mom fans slam Jenelle Evanshusband David Eason ‘disgustingcooking as he makes ‘hoshdogs’ 梅里“含糊其词”引发关注