Teenie-Mutter Jenelles Ehemann David schlug zu, weil er im Schritt gegriffen hatte’ beim Tanzen

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evanshusband David Eason was slammed by their fans forgrabbing his crotchwhile he was dancing during their Thanksgiving celebration.

Jenelle, 29, und David, 33, busted out their favorite dance moves in a Tick ​​Tack Video.

Jenelle Evans was preparing the food for Thanksgiving

Jenelle Evans was preparing the food for ThanksgivingAnerkennung: TikTok @jenellelevans
David Eason grabbed his crotch while dancing

David Eason grabbed his crotch while dancingAnerkennung: TikTok @jenellelevans

The former Teen Mom 2 star poured wine onto the turkey, which was cut open and carved into pieces on the kitchen table.

The MTV dad smiled at the camera as he basted the meal in slow motion.

Jenelle licked the spoon before twerking at the camera.

While imitating Michael Jackson, David then grabbed his crotch as he flexed his legs.

The Boom Boom Pow song by The Black Eyed Peas played in the background.

Sie hat den Beitrag mit einem Untertitel versehen: “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Jenelle and David share Ensley together, while she is also the mother to 11-year-old son Jace and Kaiser, Sieben.

The kids were also spotted in the clip as they danced with their pet dog.

The Comments

Teen Mom fans on Reddit were not thrilled with David grabbing his crotch in the short clip as they jumped onto the comments section to mock him.

One Teen Mom fan said: “One shaking her a**, and the other grabbing his crotch in a holiday vid being made with their children. Barf.

Another Teen Mom fan noted: “Thanksgiving is supposed to be a wholesome family holiday. So Jenelle decides to show off her a** and UBT does some cheesy Michael Jackson crotch grab.

“Und hey!! Let’s get the kids involved!! Wtf is she thinking?”

A third Teen Mom fan wrote: “I hate it!”

A fourth critic added: “The crotch grab made me nauseous.

A commentator mentioned: “What about David’s junk grabbing as well? That could definitely go!”


Vor kurzem, Jenelle shared a photo to her Instagram Stories as the couple snuggled close and smiled at the camera.

She jokingly captioned the post: “Nach dem 10 different anglesalong with a laughing face and skull emoji.

In the next post, the ex MTV mom shared a boomerang of her husband as he grinned while stuffing the turkey.


Jenelle was also dealing with the recent arrest of her husband, David.

At the middle of November, David was arrested fordriving with a revoked licenseand anopen container of alcoholin his car.

The incident reportwhich was exclusively obtained by The Sunclaimed that David had used “alcohol” at the time of his arrest.

He was held on a bond of about $750 and was bailed out through a bondsman.

David is scheduled to appear in court on February 16, 2022.

Fans slammed David for his crude dancing

Fans slammed David for his crude dancingAnerkennung: TikTok @jenellelevans
David and Jenelle pictured with their kids

David and Jenelle pictured with their kidsAnerkennung: Instagram
Jenelle's kids also danced with their dog for Thanksgiving

Jenelle’s kids also danced with their dog for ThanksgivingAnerkennung: Instargram/@j_evans1219

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