Teen Mom Mackenzie claims Super Nanny Jo contacted her to help with troubled son

TEEN Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee claimed Super Nanny Jo Frost contacted her to help out with her troubled five-year-old son Broncs.

The 27-year-old revealed the news during a recent TikTok video.

Mackenzie claimed Super Nanny Jo Frost called her

Mackenzie claimed Super Nanny Jo Frost called herCredit: Instagram/Mackenzie McKee
Fans reached out to Jo to have her help with the MTV star's troubled son Broncs, 5

Fans reached out to Jo to have her help with the MTV star’s troubled son Broncs, 5Credit: Handout

In the clip, which was re-shared by fan Instagram account TeenMomChatter, Mackenzie told her fans: “My storyline this season is that my kids are bad. Like really bad. I have no control of them.

The mother of three added that she regularly receives messages from concerned fans “diagnosing Broncs with everything from under the moon and sun.”

She continued: “It’s talked about a lot on this season and a lot of people are worried, but I promise it’s not as bad as it looks.

“It’s just been a rough year and Broncs is just like me, so I give him a lot of grace.”

After admitting Mackenzie got herself into “a lot of trouble” during her childhood, she added: “I’m able to help Broncs work through that piece of life.”


The MTV star then noted that some fans expressed their concerns following the latest episode of Teen Mom OG.

She said: “Someone reached out to me and she’s like, ‘Hey, you have some concerned fans who reached out to me. Told me to reach out to you. How can I help you? Like, I want to come to your house and help you.’”

Mackenzie asked the woman who she was and revealed it was Jo, 51.

The TV personality, who was driving during the video, began to laugh as she hit her hands on the steering wheel.

She continued to tell her fans that hearing from Jo was “so funny” because her mother would threaten to call the Super Nanny when she acted up as a kid.

Mackenzie admitted: “I thought it was a joke. I thought I was being Punk’d. It was real.

“I got a call because you guys are concerned about my son.”

She concluded while laughing: “Y’all, I can’t make this stuff up.”


Jo starred on British reality television show, which featured parents that struggled to get their children to cooperate in a number of situations, including dealing with behavior issues and potty training.

She spent each episode helping the parents to better discipline their children and regain control over their household.

Super Nanny ran on Britain’s Channel 4 from 2004-2008, while episodes were available to watch in America on ABC.

In addition to Broncs, Mackenzie is also the mother to kids Jaxie, 7, and Gannon, 10, with husband Josh.

Teen Mom fans have been vocal about their concerns for Mackenzie’s parenting in the past.


Back in July, the MTV star was slammed for allowing her young sons dance on high kitchen counters while she filmed a TikTok.

Mackenzie took to TikTok to share the short clip which featured her cooking while dancing to Lizzo’s Truth Hurts.

Meanwhile, her sons Gannon and Broncs also showed off their moves on the kitchen counters.

The TV personality sported a floral sports bra and leggings while lip-synching at the camera all while displaying various moves.

Fans were concerned over Gannon and Broncs standing on the kitchen counters, as they took to Instagram to share their reactions.

One wrote: “Why are these kids on the countertop? You can have fun several different ways tf.”

Another added: “You let your kids climb on the counters?” while a third chimed in, “you need to look after your kids more. They always look underfed and look neglected.”

The TV personality has been having problems with her son Broncs

The TV personality has been having problems with her son Broncs
Mackenzie and Josh share three kids together

Mackenzie and Josh share three kids togetherCredit: Reddit
The Teen Mom star was previously slammed for letting her sons dance on the countertops

The Teen Mom star was previously slammed for letting her sons dance on the countertopsCredit: TikTok/Mackenzie McKee