Teen Mom Nikkole reveals she’s ‘drinking her own breast milkafter son’s birth

TEEN Mom Nikkole Paulun revealed why she wasdrinking her own breast milkfor about one month after her son Bodhi’s birth.

Nikkole revealed she had been feeling sick for 'four days'

Nikkole revealed she had been feeling sick for ‘four daysالإئتمان: Instagram/Nikkole Paulun
Nikkole has been drinking her 'own breast milk'

Nikkole has been drinking her ‘own breast milkالإئتمان: تويتر / @nikkoleMTV

Nikkole, 27, revealed on Twitter that she has been feelingمرضfor aboutfour days.

ال أم صغيرة star mentioned that her body neededantibodiesin the tweet.

The reality star also tweeted that she has been feeling unwell due to COVID-19.


حديثا, Nikkole admitted to having rushed her Covid-stricken daughter Ellie to urgent care.

Her six-year-old daughter had been ill with a 102-degree fever.

ال MTV alum took to her قصة انستغرام and shared a photo of Ellie wearing a mask while she was sitting in an exam room.

Nikkole explained that her little one had woken upthis morning with a 102 fever & a cough.”

واصلت: “I took her to urgent care to get checked out and she’s positive for مرض فيروس كورونا."

ال أم صغيرة star revealed that the rest of her family has been feeling “fine so far,” and added that she was “absolutely terrified of the baby getting sick.”

Nikkole continued: “We’ve got her quarantined to her room and keeping her away from baby.”

She shares Ellie with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Rice and her son Lyle, 11, with her troubled ex Josh Drummonds.

The TV personality had welcomed her son Bodhi in July with her hubby Kyle Ledda.

العودة إلى المدرسة

At the beginning of August, Ellie was in a different condition as she was just heading back to school with Lyle.

The mother of three had share shared a quick video clip of her eleven-year-old son as he was playing games on the computer.

The reality star wrote: “I feel bad for saying this but I can’t wait for them to go back to school!”

هي اضافت: “Now that the baby is here I don’t leave the house so they’re stuck here with me all day every day,” with a frowning emoji.


مرة أخرى في يوليو, Nikkole and her husband Kyle announced the birth of their son Bodhi in an Instagram post

Bodi’s parents wrote: “Baby boy is here! بعد 14 hours of labor we welcomed our sweet rainbow babe last night!” they gushed.

We’ve been just resting & soaking him all in. Thank you all so much for the prayers & تهانينا. He’s perfect!”


حديثا, Nikkole posted a new TikTok video with her son Lyle, 11, as she rememberedgiving birthto the pre-teen when she was just a teen herself.

She captioned the vid: “I had my first baby at 15 & gave birth to him on TV. ps I made him say sh and not the s word.

Nikkole posed with her baby Bodhi

Nikkole posed with her baby Bodhiالإئتمان: انستغرام
Nikkole rushed Ellie 'to urgent care'

Nikkole rushed Ellie ‘to urgent careالإئتمان: Nikkole Paulun/Instagram
Nikkole, Lyle, and Ellie pictured together

Nikkole, Lyle, and Ellie pictured togetherالإئتمان: nikkolemtv/Instagram

Teen Mom Nikkole Paulun shares TikTok video with son Lyle, 11, about ‘giving birth to him at 15on MTV show