Teenage daughter is being pressured by boyfriend to have an abortion

QUERIDA DEIDRE: MY 18-year-old daughter is feeling pressured to have an abortion by her long-distance boyfriend.

Ella es 15 semanas de embarazo. She was so happy when she found out, but her 24-year-old boyfriend wasn’t.

He has booked her in for an abortion and says he won’t see her again unless she goes through with it.

She already suffers with mental health issues and I fear this dilemma could tip her over the edge.

How do I support her to make the best decision without making her feel pressured?

She keeps shutting me out, please help.

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DICE DEIDRE: Your daughter has a life-changing decision to make and as she is a young adult and could be a lone parent, I understand your concerns as her mother.

But your daughter has the last say when it comes to ending or continuing with the pregnancy.

Remind her she has your support whatever she decides.

Many pregnant people are helped through the experience by having someone close to them, to talk to and share their thoughts and feelings with.

You can also offer practical support, such as going through the unplanned pregnancy information and birthing options together.

Mi paquete de apoyo, Unplanned Pregnancy, puede ser útil.