Il 10 segni che sei a rischio di esaurimento mentale

WHEN Louise Thompson shared her mental breakdown on social media earlier this week, her extremely honest video shocked many of her fans who believed the reality TV star was on the road to recovery.

Luisa, 32, has spoken openly about her battle with PTSD and post-natal anxiety following the traumatic birth of her son Leo last year in which she had two very close brushes with death.

Louise shared her pain on social media

Louise shared her pain on social mediaCredito: instagram
Louise pictured with partner Ryan Libbey and their six-month-old son

Louise pictured with partner Ryan Libbey and their six-month-old sonCredito: instagram

But last week the star took an extreme turn for the worse, taking to Instagram to share news of a ‘catastrophic breakdownin which she admitted wanting to ‘die in a big way.

L'ex Made In Chelsea star had spent the day with her partner Ryan Libbey and six-month-old son and then visited her close friend Rosie Fortescue, before returning home to have what she describes as a ‘mental breakdown’.

Lei disse: “And then I had an absolute catastrophic breakdown out of NOWHERE. It’s like my brain thought I was full on dying again.

“Couldn’t think straight or function for 40 minuti. Absolutely petrifying.

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Inside Louise Thompson's birthday celebrations after her traumatic birth


Inside Louise Thompson’s birthday celebrations after her traumatic birth

“Literally don’t think I was triggered by anything I had to take myself away because I don’t like lowing the mood for Ryan or others and then I found some photos of myself as a child in my bedroom and I started screaming ‘why did this have to happen to mefeeling so angry and sad for my innocent vulnerable self.

Lei ha aggiunto: “My new anti depressant is quite good for sleep so I take it in the evening and at least that helped me go to bed and reset to start today as a fresh new day, but WOW when I’m stuck in those moments I want to DIE in a big way.

“I honestly don’t even have words to explain the suffering.”

As well as attracting a lot of concern for the star, the post also saw fans asking what caused Louise’s sudden turn.

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Life Coach for online wellness platform, Jeff Spires, disse: “First off it is important to say how sad it is to see poor Louise continue to struggle with her mental health.

“’Mental Breakdownis not a specific diagnosis for a salute mentale disorder.

"Tuttavia, the term is widely used by the general public to describe extreme feelings of mixed anxiety and depressed moods leading to an overwhelming feeling of inability to function. It can also be referred to as a ‘nervous breakdown.'

e poi alla fine è terminato per il suo status di classe protetta a causa delle sue condizioni mediche, who is also an NLP Master Practitioner, spiegato: “What is happening when we have a ‘Mental Breakdownis extreme overwhelm.

“The individual is going through a sudden and intense period of mental distress or illness.

“Not only can those suffering from a breakdown feel unable to function, they can also feel scared and out-of-control of their body and their emotional state.

“While it may feel like a mental breakdown comes ‘out of nowherethere are usually lots of factors that have built up over timethat cause it.”

Causes and triggers of ‘mental breakdowns

Jeff says: “Many of us deal with stresses or sadness in our lives, but some of us experience these more than others and have different abilities to cope with them when they do.

“When people experience a “mental breakdown” they usually have a some big emotional stresses they are dealing with in the background and it can take one small additional stress or moment to trigger sudden overwhelm.

Aggiunge: “This state of panic sends the person into an extreme state of fear, sadness and stress and can impact the person both physically and emotionally, with symptoms being as extreme as feelings of nausea, shaking, inability to breathe and inability to move.

“And it’s for this reason that it’s referred to as a breakdownA period of time in which we simply can not cope.

Causes of a mental breakdown can include:

A recent injury or illness that has changed daily

A recent traumatic event, such as a death in the family or a major emotional experience

Persistent stress in life

Relationship changes: per esempio. divorzio, family fall outs

Financial stress, per esempio. debt

Experience of violence

Any major life changes

Job loss

Lack of sleep

Loneliness/lack of a support system

How to prevent a ‘Mental Breakdown

Jeff says: “If you believe you or someone close to you, could be prone to having a mental breakdown, the first thing to say is that you should make an appointment with a primary care expert or mental health professional.

“Aside from professional help, there are lifestyle interventions that can help reduce your chances of having a mental breakdown.”

Deep Breathing

Slow rhythmical breathing has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of controlling stress, overwhelm and general mental wellness.

When we learn simple breathing techniques we can reduce the activation of our fear response system and calm the brain and the body in a matter of seconds.

This simple breath work allows you to regain control of your thoughts and emotions and, when practiced regularly, can help keep underlying stress and emotion at bay.

Il 4-1-1 technique

Inhale slowly for four seconds, breathing deep into your belly.

Hold for one second.

Exhale slowly for four seconds, letting go of any tension in your body.

Pause for one second, and repeat.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is proven to help reduce stress while also releasing a number of ‘happy hormoneswhich stimulate positive emotions.

Regular physical activity can be anything from walking and cycling, to dancing, lifting weights, home workouts or yoga.

Eat whole foods

Your diet can really help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Try to switch to a diet that includes lots of fruit and veg, whole grains, nuts and seeds and lean proteins.


A lack of sleep can be a trigger for those of us already struggling with underlying stress and trauma.

Try to prioritise sleep as much as possible.

Start by developing a bedtime routine that promotes sleep.

Turning down lights, switching off devices, reading a book, stretching the body, burning a candle and simply going to bed earlier, can all help you achieve more rest.

Be Present

In moments of anxiety and panic, become curious about the things that surround you.

Notice what they look like, sound like, how people act, what they say and so on.

This simple technique gives your mind something else to focus on instead of your worry.

When you feel nervous, think about the people you love. How they make you smile and laugh.

The more love and joy you feel, the less anxious you’ll be.

Share your thoughts

It can be very lonely having anxiety, stress or low mood.

You can feel that no one understands but the truth is, when you share your worries with those closest to you, not only do you gain much needed support but voicing your feelings help you gain perspective and ‘offloadthe building tension and stress you have inside.

Reduce stimulants

Avoid stimulants such as energy drinks and caffeine.

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These types of stimulants can trigger feelings of anxiety, cause our mind to start racing and contribute to a negative physical response to our emotions.

For more help with stress, anxiety and handling mental breakdowns visit where you can find access to expert help with mental and physical wellness.

There are a number of triggers that can cause a mental health breakdown

There are a number of triggers that can cause a mental health breakdownCredito: Getty