The 3 simple mistakes tourists make which can RUIN your hols – how to avoid them

A WOMAN has revealed three mistakes that tourists always make on holiday and how to avoid them.

Full time travel content creator Fiona explained that the list was created from experience after making the errors herself.

Fiona advises against drinking tap water abroad in certain places

Fiona advises against drinking tap water abroad in certain placesCredit: Tiktok/findingfiona

She said she now wants to pass on the lessons she has learned to others, so they don’t end up making the same mistakes.

She shared them in a video on Tiktok captioned: “I went through some ROUGH experiences so you don’t have to. Here’s 3 things I would never ever do as someone travels for a living.”

Her first tip is to never exchange money at the airport.

Instead, she urges people to use a no foreign transaction fee card or withdrawing money from ATMs after arrival.

She said that if you really have to exchange money at the airport, to go to departures instead of arrivals, where the exchange rates can often be lower.

Her second tip is to avoid drinking tap water if possible when abroad.

She advises to also be careful with ice cubes in drinks too, as they could come from bad water supplies.

Her third and final tip is to avoid planning every second of a trip.

This is because she became unwell during a trip to Bali and had to miss out on a number of trips and accommodations she had pre-booked.

Doing this could also mean losing a number of non-refundable deposits.

People were happy with Fiona’s advice, and also added some tips of their own.

One said: “If you plan to exchange money, you can order and exchange any currency at the bank and their rates good too.”

The water advice came too late for some viewers, who had already had the misfortune of a water-related illness.

One wrote: “I was in Angola and accidentally swallowed water and had diarrhoea for like a week.”

Another said: “I got food poisoning when I was in Morocco because of the ice.”

However, a lot of European people disagreed, saying their tap water was fine to drink.

One person advised: “You can drink tap water most of the places. Just google if it is safe there where you are going.”

This travel mistake could add hundreds onto your phone bills.

An etiquette expert warned people against making this annoying mistake at airports.

Fiona also recommends not exchanging money at airports if possible

Fiona also recommends not exchanging money at airports if possibleCredit: Tiktok/findingfiona