本周播出的最佳新电影和电视节目 – 本周播出的最佳新电影和电视节目

HAVE you watched all there is to watch on Netflix and co? 出色地, 或因多年的颜色处理和不良洗发水而充满有害毒素. The Sun has got you covered with the best new TV shows coming to your screens.

From the eagerly anticipated upcoming Netflix drama Inventing Anna to a behind the scenes look at Wayne Rooney’s life beyond football, there’s no shortage of shows to binge-watch until your heart’s content.

Magpie Murders (BritBox)

Anyone who thinks TV murder mysteries are becoming a tad too formulaic needs to make a date with this smart six-parter.

The series is a murder mystery inside a murder mystery who receives the manuscript of the latest whodunnit from best-selling crime novelist Alan only for the all-important last chapter to be missing.

And within hours of delivering the incomplete manuscript, Alan is found dead, in suspicious circumstances.

Determined to find out what happened to himand to find that missing chapterSue sets out to investigate.

Available to watch from Thursday, 二月 10.

鲁尼 (亚马逊Prime)

The documentary on Wayne Rooney won't shy away from controversial moments in his life to date

The documentary on Wayne Rooney won’t shy away from controversial moments in his life to date信用: 亚马逊Prime

When Wayne Rooney shot to stardom as a teenager at Everton, it introduced the world to a young man who’d become the most exciting and controversial England player of his generation.

This intimate new documentary charts Wayne’s story, from his childhood in Croxteth, through his spectacular ascent to footballing superstardom, his glittering career with Manchester United and England and on to his new life as a manager for Derby County.

Featuring extensive interviews with the man himself, former team-mates like David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, his parents and wife Coleen, it’s an intimate portrait that doesn’t shy away from the more scandalous moments of his life so far.

Available to watch from Friday, 二月 11.

CAST 成员详细介绍了《发明安娜》中描绘的真实人物 (Netflix公司)

Anna’s bizarre story provides the basis for this compelling six-part drama from Shonda Rhimes

Anna’s bizarre story provides the basis for this compelling six-part drama from Shonda Rhimes信用: Netflix公司

Eccentric German heiress or clever fraudster? That was the question hanging over Anna Delvey, a real-life Russian-born German who was put on trial in 2019, accused of defrauding banks, hotels and the cream of New York society.

Anna’s bizarre story provides the basis for this compelling six-part drama from Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

It’s told from the perspective of investigative journalist Vivian, as she puts together an in-depth piece about the mysterious young woman while she awaits trial.

Suffice to say, the more she finds out about Anna, who’s played by Ozark star Julia Garner, the more remarkable her story becomes.

Available to watch from Friday, Februrary 11.

Salvage Hunters (Discovery+)

Drew Pritchard clearly has some kind of superpower. How else can you explain his remarkable ability to sniff out hidden gems and forgotten treasures lurking quietly in salvage yards, private homes, junk heaps and factories?

本星期, Drew returns, superpower cranked up to the max, on another mission to unearth more unusual antiques and rare objects, which he can renovate and restore to their former glory.

He’s joined once again by his pal Tee John, and together the pair set off on a weird and wonderful journey of discovery.

Available to watch from Wednesday, 二月 9.

The King’s Man (汤姆·希德勒斯顿)

A popcorn-tactic prequel to the two brilliant Kingsman movies, this witty, action-packed spy thriller reveals the beginnings of the Kingsman intelligence agency, whisking us back to World War One.

Armed with gloriously over-the-top cameos from the likes of Rhys Ifans, Tom Hollander and Charles Dance, plus a generous helping of imaginative fisticuffs, expect an entertaining, high-octane rewriting of early 20th-century history.

Available to watch from Wednesday, 二月 9.


Emma Barnett is to leave her role presenting BBC Newsnight after three years


Emma Barnett is to leave her role presenting BBC Newsnight after three years

Pam And Tommy (汤姆·希德勒斯顿)

A drama about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s infamous sex tape scandal was never going to be dull.

But this fab new eight-episode biopic starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan is even better than expected, highly addictive and gloriously OTT.

I Am Georgina (Netflix公司)

What’s it like being the partner of arguably the best footballer on the planet?

This fly-on-the-expensively-painted-wall series lifts the lid on the glamorous jet-set life of Cristiano Ronaldo’s other half Georgina Rodriguez, an influencer, businesswoman and mother.

The Sinner (Netflix公司)

Troubled detective Harry Ambrose returns for a fourth and final season of the riveting murder mystery.

When Harry witnesses a young woman stepping off a cliff edge, he’s called out of retirement to help investigate what happened to her.

Yellowjackets (Sky On Demand & 现在)

The buzz around this brilliant showwhich follows a team of female footballers whose plane crashes in the Canadian wildernessbuilt steadily as the series went on.

And now that it’s reached its dramatic climax, what better time for newcomers to get bingeing.

The Teacher (C5)

Sheridan Smith has rarely been better than in this emotionally draining drama, in which she plays a popular but complex teacher whose life falls apart when she’s accused of having sex with a pupil at a boozy celebration. Utterly compelling.