The Chase viewers claim show is ‘fixed’ as contestant is ‘robbedafter ‘ridiculous’ vrae

THE Chase fans slammed the show as a “regmaak” after a contestant was given a series ofridiculous questionsas they went head-to-head with the Chaser.

ITV presenter Bradley Walsh, 61, was joined by four more contestants in a bid to beat the Chaser and take home the prize money.

The Chase viewers have claimed the show is a 'fix' after a contestant was given 'ridiculous questions'

The Chase viewers have claimed the show is a ‘fixafter a contestant was given ‘ridiculous questions

The host was joined by Scottish player Steve, 53, who wanted to treat his wife to some fancy bling.

The keen golfer impressed viewers as he managed to get £8,000 in the cash builder round.

The railway design manager then went head-to-head with Jenny ‘The VixenRyan in the next round.

Egter, fans were baffled by thehorrifyingset of questions and fumed that it was unfair that the best player wasrobbedof a chance of getting back to the final chase.

Een het geskryf: “Hardest set of questions ever for Steveproper fix! #TheChase

Always give hardest to the best players just to get rid so Chaser’s look more intelligent against the ones that are not so good boring now this #thechase,” another vented.

A third annoyed fan posted: “Steve’s questions were horrifying there. #thechase

A fourth added: “#TheChase Steve was robbed, those questions were ridiculous.

One of the questions asked the player: “Someone with a nightshade intolerance should avoid eating what?”

The options weresweetcorn, potatoes, carrotswith Steve selecting sweetcorn but the correct answer was potatoes.

He was also asked: “What is another term for the Kings James Bible translation?”

Gelukkig, Steve managed to guess correctly pickingAuthorised Versionout of the three choices.

The stumped contestant remarked: “This is just not falling for me.

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Only Fools and Horses star Nabil Elouahabi is unrecognisable in ITV’s Vera

He was also asked: “In 1974, who proposed that black holes emit subatomic particles until they exhaust their energy and finally explode?”

The choices were between: Fred Hoyle, Stephen Hawking and Peter Higg – with him correctly guessing Stephen Hawking.

Another question also confused the player, Bradley asked: “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it is an example of a blended idiom informally known as what?”

The choices on offer were between: Eggcorn, Malaphor, Spoonerism – Steve put spoonerism but got it wrong with the correct answer being Malaphor.

Unfortunately Steve stumbled at the last hurdle when he had no clue who billionaire Elon Musk had married and answered popstar Fergie instead of artist Grimes.

He sadly lost out on the final chase after Jenny managed to catch up to him in a tense round.

Steve was joined by Dino, 47, a science teacher, Romford, Anna, 20, a geography student, Peterborough and Pam, 36, an admin assistant from Newcastle.

The remaining contestants managed to make it back with a total prize pot of £18,000.

Met 18 spaces to catch the players, Jenny had her work cut out.

Despite executing one push back out of a possible two, the team were still caught by quizmaster Jenny with 14 seconds to spare.

The Chase is on weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

The Chase fans in hysterics after Bradley Walsh reads out a very rude sounding question