Mark Labbett de The Chase accusé d'avoir "abandonné et laissé les joueurs gagner"’

THE Chase has seen multiple contestants quiz their way to victory as of late, and fans of the show aren’t happy about it.

One of the ITV game show’s most well-known Chasers is non other than Mark Labbett, who goes by his alter-ego, La bête.

Mark has been on The Chase for 13 années

Mark has been on The Chase for 13 années

The former Maths teacher and professional quizzer has been on the show since it kicked off in 2009.

But despite his loyal fanbase, he wasn’t immune from criticism following Thursday night’s epiosde.

The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh introduced four players for the April 21 Afficher. They were Fred from Bath, Ellie from Cardiff, Jas from London and Edward from Newcastle.

The four hopefuls were adamant they’d be able to snatch the cash from The Beast.

In a very rare twist for the show, all four managed to make it back to the table to play in the final quick-fire round.

They’d banked a hefty £25,000 too, which meant there was a lot at stake.

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When it got to the end of the questions, Chaser Mark looked like he was ready to give up.

When asked a question about which Elton John song talked about an astronaut, he simply responded: “Oh I don’t care, well played guys”.

This didn’t go down well with viewers, who rushed to Twitter to question what had happened.

L'un a dit: “He let them win there?”

Un autre a accepté: “Why has The Beast just literally given up”.

Ils ont ajouté: “He’s just letting players win”.

The contestants scooped the £25,000 prize

The contestants scooped the £25,000 prize

The Chase’s Mark Labbett brutally blasts team as ‘worst EVERas he twists the knife after killer defeat