Los productos de limpieza que podrían estar ensuciando aún más tu casa

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed how a lot of people have been cleaning their cleaning products all wrong.

And how they could be making their house actually dirtierinstead of cleaner.

Lynsey Crombie shared her tricks on how to make your house sparkling again

Lynsey Crombie shared her tricks on how to make your house sparkling againCrédito: Michelle White Photograpy

Queen of clean Lynsey Crombie, who has been a professional cleaner on-and-off for 14 años, loves supporting people with cleaning advice.

The cleaning expert, who has always loved cleaning and helped her mum as a child, revealed there’s some common mistakes people make when they clean their cleaning products.

Ella dijo: “Often people over-clean them and potentially damage them.


“Always be careful not to get water in your vacuum as this can cause an electrical fault.

"También, using too much white vinegar when cleaning your washing machine and dishwasher can cause the rubber to erode over time.”

Lynsey Crombie, known as Queen of Clean, revealed that dishcloths are often the worst offenders and can be secretly harbouring filth.

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But she shared her top three tips for keeping household cleaning products clean.

She said people should make a point to clean regularly, and plan it into their monthly cleaning schedule.

While they should also remember to keep products to clean stocked upsuch as white vinegar, soda crystals, dishwasher cleaner and washing machine cleaner.

She said it is extra important that people keep on top of cleaning their cleaning products.

Lynsey added: ”It’s important to ensure that you are not pushing dirt and dirt around your home and in turn making it dirtier than it already was.”

Lynsey, who also shares her cleaning tips and tricks on her Instagram y Facebook pages, revealed her tips for cleaning your cleaning products.

She also shared which cleaning products are the worst offenders for harbouring filth.


Lynsey revealed dishcloths are the worst offenders for secretly harbouring film.

Ella dijo: “You may forget to clean them and these cloths are full of germs and bacteria if not cleaned on a regular basis.

“You can pop them in the dishwasher, washing machine and microwave to clean.

“But if you are using microfibre cloths around the home to clean, when washing make sure you ditch the fabric conditioner as this will take away the absorbency and make them not clean as well.

“To clean them in the microwave, simply fill a microwave safe bowl with water and add a few drops of white vinegar, pop the sponges in and run-on full power for 5 minutos."


A dirty mop head will just move filth around the house and not clean your floors, revealed Lynsey, so she explained they do need to be cleaned after every use.

She added that mop heads can also really smell and start to disintegrate if not cleaned properly.

She advised that most mop heads can be washed in the washing machine, but if they are hand-wash only, people can soak in a mixture of detergent and white vinegar.


Lynsey revealed that many people message her to say that their clothes sometimes come out smelling or with marks on when using their washing machine.

The cleaning expert revealed: “This is normally down to the washing machine not being clean.

“Make a point of cleaning your washing machine once a month, run soda crystals through on a hot wash or purchase a washing machine cleaner.

“Also take the soap dispenser drawer out and rinse as well as emptying the filer. Using a liquid detergent rather than powder will stop the drawer getting clogged up.

“If you find your washing machine still smells after cleaning, when your load has finished leave the door slightly open and allow it to air dry, this will stop mould and mildew build up.”


With dishwasher tablets getting better and better, the need to rinse plates before popping in the dishwasher is a thing of the past, revealed Lynsey.

But with this in mind, she said people must remember that their dishwashers are working and cleaning harder and harder.

She explained that if your dishwasher isn’t clean, your plates won’t be clean and the water swimming around will be dirty, smelly, and full of old food particles.

Lynsey suggested: “Pull out the filter weekly, give it a rinse and clean the dishwasher monthly.

“To clean your dishwasher, take out the filter rinse well with warm soapy water and then use a recycled toothbrush and washing up liquid to clean the rubber sills and sides.

“Then on the top and bottom shelf, add in small dishes of white vinegar and then run on the hottest cycle.”


A vacuum is another cleaning tool that could be making your home dirtier, revealed Lynsey.

If you are pushing your vacuum around and noticing that it isn’t picking up or dust is being chucked out the back, then your vacuum needs a clean, she advised.

Ella dijo: “You really don’t want to be pushing around dirt and leaving all over your floors and carpets.

“Most vacuums these days are bagless so a quick empty and rinse weekly is enough to keep it running well but monthly, your vacuum will need a deeper cleaner.

Clean the base, by cleaning the wheels and roller and pulling out any hairs and debris that may be stuck and the hose and filter.”

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She's been a professional cleaner for over a decade and knows how filthy some cleaning products can get

She’s been a professional cleaner for over a decade and knows how filthy some cleaning products can getCrédito: Michelle White Photograpy

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