The exact time supermarkets including Aldi and Tesco reduce prices revealed

SHOPPERS have found handy ways to get the best deals at major UK supermarketsbut you need to be in the know.

Turning up when the products are marked down and the bright yellow discount stickers are applied can save you serious money on your shop.

Supermarkets offer their best discounts at very different times of day

Supermarkets offer their best discounts at very different times of day

But each branch of a 超级市场 will have their biggest discounts at slightly different times of day.

当然, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your shop for the best bargains.

Pro shopper Scott Dixon told us that 1pm is usually a dependable time for discounts at most supermarkets, often because it’s lunch deal time.

同时, loyalty schemes like Tesco Clubcard could also save you a small fortune over a long period of time.

But not every major retailer offers one, so finding some bargains in the aisle is a great way to save some cash.

So here’s our guide to when to time your supermarket shop to get the best bargains in your basket.


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乐购 says the times it puts out its yellow-sticker reductions varies, but the brightly coloured labels become more common on the last day before an item’s expiry.

And if you want to save a huge sum on next winter’s shopping, try one mum’s tip for taking advantage of Tesco’s Clubcard scheme.


Less predictable than most supermarkets because bargain-basement prices are common throughout the day, 阿尔迪 still has specific times when a shop is most sensible.

MoneySavingExpert user told the site in 2019 that Aldi’s half-price stickers start appearing from 8pm.

Scott also told us that discounts appear throughout the daybut don’t leave it too late or you can miss out on great offers.


Like Aldi, the discounter tends to cut prices by up to 50% throughout the day.

It’s not clear when 利德尔 prices are best, but if you find there’s a golden hour at the German grocery giant, let us know.

Bloggers from Student Hacks have previously told us the supermarket usually reduces products near their use-by date to about 30% of the original price.


Shoppers told 马丁·刘易斯MoneySavingExpert back in July 2017 that final reductions at 阿斯达 often start around 7pm.

But you have to move quickly as most bargains have usually been snapped up by 9pm.

More recently, bargain hunters have pointed out 24-hour stores have the best deals between 8pm and 9pmwhile there are often bargains to be had half an hour before closing at other sites.


莫里森 offers the best bargains first thing in the morning, says one shopper.

told us 上个夏天: “The early bird gets the cheap-cheap perishables.

Another Morrisons fan told us the supermarket discounts items overnight so shoppers can snap up bargains first thing in the morning.


The small supermarkets sell items for cheap around four hours before closure, we were told 在 2020.

And an eagle-eyed MoneySavingExpert shopper said 75% discounts tend to appear at 合作社 around 8pm.


Plate-Deals says 塞恩斯伯里的 discounts are typically found around 7pm.

But employees say the deals are down to the decision of store managers.

同时, money savers on Facebook have said Sainsbury’s tend to reduce items at some stores by up to 25% at 1pm, 50% at 5pm and 75% 晚上八点.

Remember to keep in mind that supermarkets now have different social distancing requirements in-store.

And you can keep track of which are set to be closed on Boxing Day 这里.

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