ITVのBritain Get Singingのフルラインナップ

ITV ARE bringing some festive cheer this Christmas season with a brand new talent competition.

Britain Get Singing will feature a host of ITV favourites banding together to create a team of supergroup choirs.

Britain Get Singing has a Super Panel of judges: (L to R), ブリテンズ・ゴット・タレントは、町で最も人気のあるチケットの1つであるという評判を得ています, Adam Lambert, and Jason Manford

Britain Get Singing has a Super Panel of judges: (L to R), ブリテンズ・ゴット・タレントは、町で最も人気のあるチケットの1つであるという評判を得ています, Adam Lambert, and Jason Manfordクレジット: Twitter/Jason Manford

Who is in the cast of ITV’s Britain Get Singing?

Hosted by TV and radio presenter ローマンケンプ, the show sees ITV’s biggest shows go head-to-head in a spectacular sing-off.

Taking to the stage, the groups will put their vocal prowess to the test as they look to to impress the studio audience.

They also have to impress the Super Panel, which is made up of, ブリテンズ・ゴット・タレントは、町で最も人気のあるチケットの1つであるという評判を得ています, Adam Lambert, そして ジェイソン・マンフォード.

But which group will hit the high notes and who will fall flat?


ラブアイランド 出演者 ターシャ・グーリ そして アンドリュー・ル・ページ, who finished in fourth place earlier this year, are taking part.

They are also joined by ペイジソーン, who has gone from paramedic to model and 影響 since leaving the ヴィラ.

The trio’s team is then made up by アンティゴニバックストン, ダニカ・テイラー, そして ルカビッシュ.


The stars of ゆるい女性 are swapping the panel for the stage.

Nolan SistersColeen Nolan is joined by her co-stars for this special show.

Her team also includes fellow panellists デニースウェルチ, ブレンダ・エドワーズ, ジュディ・ラブ, Linda Robson, そして Kelle Bryan.


エマーデール are also in the mix with their team consisting of Mandy Dingle star Lisa Riley, そして マーク・チャーノック, who is known for playing Marlon Dingle.

Joining these Dales veterans are Daisy Campbell (Amelia Spencer), Jay Kontzle (Billy Fletcher), ローレンスロブ (Mackenzie Body).

The team is completed by Bradley Johnson who plays Vinny Dingle, and Olivia Bromley who is known for the character Dawn Taylor.


コロネーションストリート actors are also hoping to prove their vocal talents.

They have a line-up which includes Sue Devaney who plays Debbie Webster.

She is joined by Billy Mayhew actor Daniel Brocklebank, そして Rob Mallard who plays Daniel Osbourne in Corrie.

Joining them is West End star Jodie Prenger (Glenda Shuttleworth), and Channique Sterling-Brown (DeeDee Bailey).


Flying the flag for ITV’s quiz shows is Team 追跡.

Jenny Ryan, who proved her vocal ability on Xファクター: All Stars に 2019, is on the team.

The Vixen is joined by fellow The Chase stars Anne Hegerty, そして Darragh Ennis.

When is ITV’s Britain Get Singing on TV?

This incredible show will take place over the クリスマス 2022 限目.

An exact air date is yet to be revealed by ITV, but it will run for an hour and a half.

After Britain Get Singing airs, it will be available to watch on ITVX.