The happiest holiday destination revealedand it has beers for £2.45

THE HAPPIEST holiday destination in the world has been revealedand you can enjoy a pint for just £2.45.

According to the latest research, Brits need to head to Bali in Indonesia for the best time, and cheapest booze.

A new study has revealed the happiest holiday hotspots around the world.

A new study has revealed the happiest holiday hotspots around the world.
Bali was the happiest destination - and had cheap beer

Bali was the happiest destinationand had cheap beer信用: 阿拉米

Conducted by Club Med, travel experts looked at nine different criteria, including crime and safety, pollution, and happiness score, as well as number of day trips, spas and the cost of beer.

Bali took the top spot, being voted 73.7 在......之外 100 with a low crime rate, as well as more than 200 spas and 140 outdoor activities on offer.

甚至更好, beer costs just £2.45 when on holiday, so you won’t break the bank when enjoying a pint on the beach.

Bali was followed by 拉斯维加斯 (67.1 在......之外 100) on the list and New Orleans (67.1 在......之外 100).

The Sun team recently headed to 拉斯维加斯here is what you can expect from a trip to the lavish US destination.

If you don’t want to go that far, then head to 巴塞罗纳, which was the happiest European destination coming in fourth place at 66.6 在......之外 100.

Or for the cheapest beer, head to Budapest, where it came in on average at £1.49, although 波尔图 wasn’t far behind with £1.72.

Sadly no UK destinations made the top 10 for happiest destinations in the world, although London came in 8th in the European top 10.

The research also ranked 迪拜 as the safest destination, 和 83.7 在......之外 100 for the safety index and just 16.3 在......之外 100 for the crime index.

Here is the full list of the top 10 happiest destinations in the world, 在......之外 100:

  1. Bali – 73.7
  2. 拉斯维加斯 – 67.1
  3. 新奥尔良 – 67.1
  4. 巴塞罗纳 – 66.6
  5. 阿姆斯特丹 – 64.6
  6. 布达佩斯 – 61.5
  7. Vancouver – 59.5
  8. 旧金山 – 58.5
  9. 迪拜 – 56.3
  10. Rio de Janerio – 55.9

Another study recently ranked Turkey as the cheapest holiday destination for Brits where beer is also cheap, costing around £1.66.

Or for the best value destination, head to Lisbon for £1 beers.

Budapest had the cheapest beers for less than £1.50 a pint

Budapest had the cheapest beers for less than £1.50 a pint信用: 阿拉米