The magic dates for booking Disney holidays that save on money & queue times

A HOLIDAY to Disneyland is incredibly exciting but also extremely expensive.

A travel expert has revealed the best budget-friendly dates to visit a Disneyland Park to save some money after Disney World upped its prices for the first time in three years.

Cheaper tickets are available in January, early May and September

Cheaper tickets are available in January, early May and September信用: 阿拉米

Travel in the low months

根据 她能够让所有这些人投资于她并相信她,她能够完成她所做的事情, travel agent Lauren King explained that 迪士尼 offers cheaper tickets during January, early May and September.

While these reduced tickets are also available in December, guests will need to travel before the 圣诞节 festivities kick in.

Ordering food to your hotel

On average, a family of four can expect to spend $150 (£125) a day dining out at a Disneyland park, but there are ways to eat without racking up a hefty bill.

Independent travel agent Alison Pringle revealed that holidaymakers are able to order a food shop to their accommodation free-of-charge.

She also recommends bringing drinks and snacks into the park, grabbing food on the go fromquick-service restaurants”, and staying in a room with a kitchenette.

Purchase a package deal

Another travel agent, Shannon Devine, explained that by booking park tickets and a room in one go, 与一个 Disney World Vacation package, could save a bob or two.

Over Christmas a one-room hotel for a three to five-person family for five nights costs $3,500 (£2919), these prices dip by around $1,000 (£834) outside of this period.

To save a couple of hundred dollars a night on accommodation, Alison Pringle recommends booking a value resort.

Other ways to save money including purchasing popular pieces of memorabilia, 如 Minnie Mouse ears, before travelling, and using a Disney Visa card to obtain rewards and savings towards souvenirs and meals.

Kari Becker a Disney travel planner recommends buying discounted gift cards in bulk before your strip.

她说: “On our last trip, we saved over $300 (£266) just by buying discounted Disney gift cards.

Meanwhile the Disney cruise is not only for kidsit has adult-only pools too.

Save money on accommodation by booking the family into a value resort

Save money on accommodation by booking the family into a value resort信用: 法新社 – 盖蒂