The One Show prende una piega imbarazzante quando Jermaine Jenas si scontra con un ospite

LAST Night’s The One Show took an awkward turn when host Jermaine Jenas got told off by a SAGE psychologist for using the termpanic buyingamid the UK fuel crisis.

The cringe-worthy moment happened after BBC presenter Jermaine welcomed Stephen Reicher, a member of the SAGE sub-committee who has been advising the government on behavioural science.

The One Show's Jermaine Jenas got told off by a SAGE psychologist for using the term 'panic buying'

The One Show’s Jermaine Jenas got told off by a SAGE psychologist for using the term ‘panic buyingCredito: BBC
Behavioural scientist Stephen Reicher wasn't happy with the term amid the UK fuel crisis

Behavioural scientist Stephen Reicher wasn’t happy with the term amid the UK fuel crisisCredito: BBC

Soon after introducing him, the TV star was met with a frosty reception when he asked the scientist how we could stop peoplepanic buyingpetrol at garages.

Jermaine asked: “At what point does the panic buying start, and what can we do to stop it?”

To which Stephen replied: “Well the main problem lies in the term ‘panic buying'”.

The expert went on to defend key workers who need fuel as they have to get to work and can’t afford to lose out if everyone else is buying it.

And while he insisted that key workers are acting reasonably, the psychologist said others are scrambling for fuel due to the media using terms likepanic-buying”.

Stephen added: “STAI SCHERZANDO, everyone is speaking perfectly reasonably, they’re not panicking, they’re not emotional they’re not out of control.

But they believe that everybody else is panic buying because you, Jermaine, e altri, are using the term a lot of times.

Trying to break the tension, Jermaine joked: “È colpa mia,” as he turned towards the studio.

The TV star’s quick wit tickled the scientist as he began to laugh after Jermaine’s quip.

Stephen added: “If we believe that everybody else is mad and acting irrationally, we’d be mad not to do the same as them and to actually got out and buy the petrol.

Stephen’s comments comes after Boris Johnson suggested that Britain’s fuel and HGV crisis could last until Christmas and beyond, but vowed the situation isstarting to improve”.

The PM told Brits to go about their business as usualand rejected pleas for NHS and key workers to get priority to the petrol pumps.

Panic-buying Brits queued through the night for petrol as the PM faces mounting pressure to send in the army now to ease the spiralling fuel crisis.

Desperate motorists reported long lines of cars at service stations across the country throughout the evening and into the early hours of morning.

Industry chiefs warned the frenzy is being fed by drivers posting details of deliveries to forecourts on social media, sparking a rush to the pumps.

Huge tailbacks were reported at 11pm, 3sono, and 5.30am nationwide as the panic buying hysteria gripping the UK shows no sign of abating.

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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