Las impactantes ofensas poco conocidas que le otorgan más puntos a su licencia

THE driving offences that put the most points on your licence have been revealed.

Some of the offences might be a surprise to drivers and knowing them could help you avoid huge fines and insurance penalties.

Revealed the little-known offences that put the most points on your licence

Revealed the little-known offences that put the most points on your licenceCrédito: imágenes falsas

The experts at Go Shorty have provided a list of the serious offences that will land you with the most points on your licenceor even have you banned from driving.

Asombrosamente, drivers can gain 10 points on their driving licence if they’re found sleeping in their car.

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También, in some circumstances, it’s possible to get six points for using a mobile phone for payments at a drive-through.

This winter, drivers need to be careful when it’s raining because splashing a pedestrian could get them three points and a £5,000 fine.

But at any time of year, drivers who use the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs can get up to 11 points and as much as a £2,500 fine.

If the police catch a driver racing on the road or driving dangerously, they face a shocking 11 puntos.

Motorists who fail to stop after an accident will get 10 penalty points.

Using your mobile phone while driving can distract you and land you six points.

Police can also issue a fixed penalty of £300 and give you six penalty points if you’re caught driving an uninsured vehicle.

Andy Moody, director at Go Shorty, dicho: “Getting 12 points on your driving licence in less than three years could get you disqualified from driving.

“Encima de eso, getting points on your licence will also increase your insurance policy, as your insurance provider will want to be informed about all your motoring convictions in the past three years (five in some cases).

It is for these reasons, as well as to ensure that everyone’s being safe on the road, that it is useful to keep in mind which offences would get you the most points on your licence.