Os dez melhores Pokémon do tipo fogo de todos os tempos

EVER since Charizard in Generation 1, Fire-types have been a fan favourite.

They can so effortlessly look cool just by having fire coming out of any and every part of their body.

Fire Pokemon are often fan favourites

Fire Pokemon are often fan favouritesCrédito: Alamy

There’s a lot of range in this type, some Fire-types feel calming like a warm fire, while others are intense like an erupting volcano.

Regardless of which side of that fence they fall on, they should be bold and in-your-face.

The best fire Pokémon are ones you can pick out of any lineup and immediately feel like you’ve got a dependable partner at your side who will always stand their ground.

Here are the fire Pokémon that really stood out to us.

10. Fennekin

Starter Pokemon are obvious picks for lists like this.

They’re so easy to bond with because we have them on our team from the very start to the very end of our adventure, and they’re often our most valuable team member.

Fennekin is super cute and easily the best fox Pokémon ever designed .

It’s just a shame that its evolutions ruined it by standing on their hind legs.

9. Chandelure

Chandelure can often get dragged into the category of bad Generation 5 Pokémon that are just inanimate objects with faces.

But I think Chandelure stands out from that bunch and shows them how it should be done. Por uma coisa, purple flames always look cool.

They have this haunting atmosphere, which is especially powerful when you realise it fuels its flame with the souls and lifeforce of those near it.

8. Flareon

Eeveelutions are easy picks for lists like this because they take Eevee’s already perfect design and bolster it with a strong theme.

Flareon is arguably the one that looks most like Eevee, which drops it a few points, but when you look at its strong orange body and carefully shaped fur you see the embodiment of fire.

7. Rapidash

It’s a flaming horse! Think what you like, but it’d certainly spice up the Grand National.

6. Charizard

Charizard has become an easy target for hate recently thanks to the special treatment it receives.

With two Mega-Evolutions, a Gigantamax form, and the signature Pokémon of Galar’s champion, it’s done well for itself.

Love it or hate it, there’s a reason its face is all over the place, it’s because it looks awesome.

It’s got a unique silhouette and a heap of personality, which is exactly what Pokémon is all about.

5. Ninetails

This is one of the most graceful Pokémon ever, and yet it’s surprisingly intimidating too.

If it appeared before you, you’d be in awe of its majesty, but also terrified to go anywhere near it in case it burned you to a crisp.

There’s a great metaphor for fire and touching flames in there somewhere, but this is Pokémon, let’s not get too high-brow.

4. Ho-Oh

Fire-type birds are surprisingly difficult to get right. You’d think having flaming wings would be the way to go, but Moltres did that and it looks like a dilapidated chicken.

Ho-Oh, Enquanto isso, manages to invoke the idea of fire and ferocity without having to put any flames in its design.

Its back feathers fan out like the sun, its orange body radiates heat, and its face makes it very menacing.

3. Infernape

Big monkey, fire for hair, can karate chop a brick in half. That’ll do.

2. Arcanine

Despite not being a Legendary Pokémon, Arcanine could easily give Ho-Oh or Entei a run for their money in that department.

It looks like your friendly dog buddy, but also a fierce protector who could rip someone in half with their teeth.

Now it’s even got a Hisuian form that ups its fluffiness and adds the Rock-type for extra power.

1. Talonflame

Much like Ho-Oh, Talonflame is a great example of how to do a Fire-type bird without going over the top.

Its excellent bird of prey design gives it a lot of power just from its look alone.

Combine that with its incredible speed and access to destructive moves like Flare Blitz and Brave Bird, and you’ve got the total package in a single Pokémon.

Why not check out the best Legendary Pokémon e best starter Pokémon while you’re here.

Written by Ryan Woodrow on behalf of GLHF.

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