The Traitors fans left furious by huge schedule shake-up

THE Traitors fans are hopping mad over a scheduling shake-up that has left the reality show off air until Wednesday.

The BBC One series has been pushed back to make way for the World Cup.

The Traitors has become a huge hit with viewers and they're furious it has been postponed next week

The Traitors has become a huge hit with viewers and they’re furious it has been postponed next week

It will now air on Wednesday instead and one viewer moaned on Twitter: “Any suggestions on how to last to WEDNESDAY next week..not even Tuesday.

BBC you are cruel. Cancel all the football and show The Traitors… and Strictly of course.

Another Tweeted: “I’m still so distraught after watching the last episode of the traitors last night… What am I supposed to do until Wednesday now?”

A third reacted: “Honestly can’t wait until Wednesday for the next episode of the traitors this is tv gold

The Traitors is a reality game show that involves 22 concursantes, and some of them are chosen to be traitors.

It became a hit in Holland first and was brought to life in Britain by the BBC.

It airs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Friday nights at the same time of 9pm.

Existen 22 contestants taking part in The Traitors.

They include a magician, cheerleading coach, Si se ha visto afectado por algo en este artículo, pensionista, BMX athlete, spa therapist and property developer, and they all must decide who they can trust.

On arriving at a grand Scottish castillo, a small group are secretly selected by the host to betraitors”, after which the remainingfaithfulsget eliminated by being “asesinado” by the traitors.

Meanwhile the traitors can bebanishedif they’re successfully outed as a traitor by a faithful.

The prize for the winner is £120K.