The Traitors fans say the same thing as Claudia Winkleman reveals epic twist

THE Traitors dealt viewers a mind-spinning twist tonight as the Claudia Winkleman game delivered another shock.

Players Amos and Kieran, who everyone thought had gone in the first episode, dramatically returned.

Claudia Winkleman's The Traitors delivered another twist tonight

Claudia Winkleman’s The Traitors delivered another twist tonight信用: 英国广播公司

粉丝惊呆了, 一条推特: “我的天啊!!!!! They never left the game!” 而另一个人写道: “OMG twist after twist.

The pair pulled off gold masks to reveal themselves at the end of tonight’s heart-pounding show.

Claudia announced: “Kieran and Amos did not leave the game on day one. You can only leave The Traitors if you are murdered or vanished.

We’ve had them hidden away separately and they are now coming back to play the game.

她补充说: “Here’s the thingare they joining you as Faithful or Traitors.

The players assumed Kieran and Amos had been kicked off the show before it had even begun last week.

Wilfred, 28, who is one of the Traitors who help bump off the Faithfulpeople who aren’t killers – 说: “For them to come back at the same time I was like ‘Yes!’

But then I was like: ‘There’s another two people I have to murder.'

Many fans wanted to know where the returning stars have been.

一个推特: “Have Amos and Kieran been elsewhere watching the whole time, or did they get a briefing before they went back in?”

另一个开玩笑, referring to the rail strikes crippling the UK: “Kiran and Amos only coming back as they couldn’t get a train home.