Gli spettatori di The Traitors sono rimasti scioccati da "selvaggio".’ twist nel nuovo spettacolo di Claudia Winkleman

CLAUDIA Winkleman proved to be a savage host on her new gameshow The Traitors after kicking two competitors off the show within minutes of the game starting.

The Strictly host is fronting a new series dove 22 hopefuls complete a series of challenges in order to win up to £120,000 – however there’s traitors in their midst looking to sabotage their efforts e “killthem in the night to eliminate them.

Claudia is showing off her dark side with the savage new game

Claudia is showing off her dark side with the savage new gameCredito: BBC
Kieran and Amos didn't even get to set foot in the castle before being axed

Kieran and Amos didn’t even get to set foot in the castle before being axedCredito: BBC

Arriving at a rural castle in the Scottish Highlands via a train, the group quickly got to know each other, before being instructed to line-up with whether they think the competition will win or not.

Down at the bottom stood 42-year-old solutions consultant Kieran and 30-year-old doctor Amos, who received a grilling by Claudia as to why they didn’t think they’d win.

Kieran explained he didn’t want to appear too cocky straight from the start, and told Claudia: “Low expectations, just want to take things day-by-day, see how we go

When Claudia suggested it was a tactic to have them fly under the radar, Amos, who guided 72-year-old retiree Andrea to the top before humbling setting himself down the bottom, responded he thought that would be more likely from those who put themselves in the middle.

But the plan seemingly backfired big time, as Claudia told the group: “Every decision you make – every single one – has a consequence. So you two think you’re going to lose. I’m going to take you at your word, so I’m afraid it’s goodbye.

I’d like you to leave the grounds immediately.

The pair didn’t even get the chance to enter the actual castle.

The other contestants were horrified by the news and stood in shock, branding her asavage who wasn’t playing”. Andrea immediately threw her arms around Amos for his chivalry and said she wanted to throw Claudia over a bannister.

Fans were just as shocked at the news, thinking it would be part of a bigger twist.

“Non c'è modo! That twist was savage!!! Poor Kieran & Amos! Already hooked!” wrote one viewer. “This has a slightly similar premise to Killer Camp! I like it!!”

Loving the idea so far! What a twist! Dumping two candidates just 1 minute into the show is utterly savage!” said a second. “Love Claudia but we all know from Strictly she’s so lovely and friendly!”

Mentre un terzo ha scritto: “#TheTraitors is already Brutal, love this savage side of @ClaudiaWinkle I think I’m gonna like this show.

This is not cuddly #Strictly Claudia! This Claudia is a *savage*!” added a fourth.

Let the games begin!

The Traitors continues Tuesdays at 9.30pm on BBC One.

Amos's chivalry proved to be his downfall

Amos’s chivalry proved to be his downfallCredito: BBC
20 contestants remain but for how long?

20 contestants remain but for how long?Credito: BBC